Friday, 30 January 2015

Technology Tricks: What Your Business Should Consider in 2015

Are you looking to improve your company's bottom line in 2015? There are many technology tricks you can use to separate yourself from the pack and distinguish yourself within your specific industry.

Upgrade Your Credit Card Equipment
Sometimes when you think about technology, you fail to think about what's right in front of you: your financial transactions. A sluggish or outdated credit card system can vastly reduce your company's productivity. Remember that delayed transactions don't just eat up time during the day, they can also frustrate your customers. New
credit card terminals can now integrate directly into your accounting software solutions with the credit card reader, to improve your accountant's accuracy.


Automate Your Scheduling
Do you regularly take bookings or appointments? Consider automating your scheduling through a website. If you hire independent contractors, this is even better; you can put their schedules in their control and no longer need to manage hours. Allowing for online appointments does two things: it encourages people to book, and it reduces your overall administrative time.

Move Towards VoIP Solutions
It's time to finally make the
switch to VoIP; VoIP is rapidly becoming the preferred telecommunications solution. VoIP telephones work just like regular telephones except they use Internet connections rather than telephone connections. They are easier to customize, more versatile, cheaper, and in areas where the Internet access is stable they can also have just as much up time.

Go Mobile
Cloud solutions have made it easier than ever for businesses to go mobile. Having mobile access to a company's file network and data makes it far easier for employees to manage their work while they're on the go. Going mobile also opens the door for telecommuters, allowing you to source work from anywhere in the globe while paying highly competitive rates. 

Take a Look at the Big Data
Now that big data is becoming easier than ever to analyze, you might want to take a look at yours. By collecting
information about your customers, sales, transactions and inventory, you can reduce your inventory waste, boost your sales, and eliminate overhead. "Big data" is really just a collection of information that can be reviewed to determine patterns in buyer behavior and business performance; it can be used for almost anything you can imagine.

These are just a few examples of how to make your business more streamlined. Consult with your IT director to find out more. There are many seminars throughout the year that will update you on the newest cutting-edge technology and opportunities.


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