Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Vectrix superbike worth to know and view the pics

As many know Vectrix was a electric vehicle company with a research and development facilities which came up with a new concept design earlier. Its sad that this may not become a reality because Vectrix has filed for bankruptcy and final liquidation in March 2014.

Apart from this, its really worth knowing about superbike concept vehicle which was displayed couple of years back in Milan Motor cycle show.

Design wise it looks awesome and I am sure many bike lovers this design. Earlier the company had claimed that his bike can come up with a top speed of 200k/h. Only problem here seems to be being only electric bike which may run out of juice and cause issues. They should have combined both fuel and electricity in this design to make a hybrid superbike.

What you guys say ? Isn't it a good thought ? Shed your comments.

Self powered camera which takes photos continously forever

Researchers at Columbia University have developed a camera which can continuously record one image per second forever.Its design is based on the pixels photodiode that can be used to measure the incident light level and convert the incident light into electrical energy.

Its sensor is designed in a very smart way so that it uses the first captured pixels to record and read out the image and then used to harvest energy and charge the sensor's power supply.

With this technology in hand, we can expect more surveillance cameras around to safe guard our premises with free of cost. These can also be used in areas where there is no power source to monitor the surroundings.

Let me know your thoughts and how you will be using this camera if its available in the market. Will you buy one ?

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Ten Facts about Public Wi-Fi that You Need to Know

You go inside the café, order your drink, and take a seat. Almost immediately, you take out your smartphone and search for available Wi-Fi connections—and there is one, great! You quickly click on the network, maybe type in the coffee-shop security password if it isn’t an open network, and wait impatiently for it to load up so you can get some work done or answer your email or chat with friends, whatever.

So many of us are in the habit of doing this or something similar, but there are dangers to connecting to public Wi-Fi whenever we can. I’m not just talking about the problems of always being plugged in—lack of communication or things like that. Instead, your personal information can be at risk as well. Here are ten things you should know about public Wi-Fi:

1. They’re watching you. I don’t want to sound like a horror movie or a bad conspiracy theory, but it’s true:  your network usage is being tracked. Companies like Facebook use any information about you that they can find to provide ads that they think will be relevant for you.

2. And it’s not just companies. If you read much news, you probably also know the government is watching everything you do as well. Maybe they’re just curious. But in some countries such as China, you can be arrested based on the things you put online, and government tracking has taken a malicious turn. All right, you might say, maybe that happens in China—but actually, there’s cases of people being arrested for cyber-crimes all over the world, including in the UK.

3. Entering a password doesn’t mean security – Some people make the mistake of thinking that just because they’ve had to enter a password to connect to the internet, it means that the network is safe. But if you were able to get the network password, do you really think that’s stopping anyone else?

4. You’re easy pickings for hackers – Log on to that coffee-shop website and there are probably at least a couple other people logged on to it with you. And your computer is sharing everything about you whenever you access a website. These packets of information, called cookies, can include things like your location, passwords, sites you visit frequently, etc. It’s very easy for a hacker to get this info and then use it to steal your identity.

5. Sharing isn’t caring. Although you’ve probably been taught your whole life that nice people share, this isn’t true when you’re talking about public Wi-Fi. Make sure you turn off file sharing and network sharing when you’re out in public—otherwise, you’re making it even easier for hackers to connect to your computer and giving them an easy way to load malware onto your computer without your knowing.

6. Malicious hotspots – As if it weren’t enough to be worried about what happens when you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi network, you also have to worry about which networks you’re connecting to. In fact, it’s very easy for someone to set up what is known as a malicious hotspot. These appear to be free public hotspots, but they’re set up by someone who gets you to connect to their network and then can steal your information or give you malware. Be very careful that the network you’re connecting to is legitimate!

7. Automatic connections – On related note, you should make sure your device isn’t automatically connecting to whatever free, open Wi-Fi is around you. Sure, it might take you an extra couple minutes to search for a network and connect to it when you need one, but for the sake of your security, take those extra minutes just to ensure that you’re not accidentally connecting to a malicious hotspot.

8. Use a firewall and anti-virus software – This may seem like a no-brainer for some of you, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t take the time to set up their computer’s firewall properly. And there’s another set of people who don’t bother to use anti-virus software, incorrectly believing that if they’re careful with what they download, nothing bad can happen. But really, you’ll want to make sure you’re using both.

9. It’s easier to protect yourself than you might have thought – With all these possible ways for your information to be compromised, you might feel like you should never connect to a public Wi-Fi network again! But the thing is, if you’re aware of the risks, you can set up a VPN to protect yourself. A VPN will encrypt and scramble your data, so it becomes of no use to anyone who tries to read it. Of course, nothing is 100% foolproof, but a VPN will give you a more secure connection and make you a less appealing target for hackers.

10. Public Wi-Fi is a privilege – One last thing to remember:  if you can find public Wi-Fi and have a device that can access it, you’re a very lucky person. Don’t complain if the network is a bit slower than your connection at home; you’ve probably still got a connection that’s better than some people have at their local internet café. And if you’re travelling and can’t find a Wi-Fi connection, it’s not the end of the world.

Finding a free public Wi-Fi network is great, but that said, it’s a good idea to be smart about how you access and use these networks. With all the private information that we keep on our devices and with all our private accounts online, you definitely want to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to protect yourself against identity theft. You don’t need to be terrified of using public WiFi, but be sure you know the hazards and the ways to protect yourself! 

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Six Slick Analytics Tools Your Business Needs to Consider This Year

Analytics is the process of using data from one or multiple sources to craft future decision making. Analytics is one of the ways that companies plan for the future and map out strategies for sales and advertising. Without it, it’s doubtful any company would be able to take advantage of their true potential. Below is a list of six great analytics tools you should consider implementing in your own business and how to make sure each strategy you come up with will work.


Google Analytics
The most popular analytics tool used by companies online and off, is easily Google Analytics. This tool is a must have for businesses with an online presence. It can help you track your website’s performance through measures such as overall traffic, conversion rates, and bounce rates. It can show exactly which online marketing tactics are successful and which are not. It can be great for small businesses just starting to make a presence in the online world to see where they can grow.

One of the main ways companies interact with potential customers now is through social media accounts on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. One tool that can allow you to
harness the information collected from these accounts is HootSuite. It can help you coordinate all your social media accounts, and parse the data they produce.

One of the best tools for managing your search engine optimization is Moz. Moz is a program that looks over the design and code of a given website and determines its SEO effectiveness in the form of a Moz rank. It can then give suggestions on how to improve that site’s search engine optimization and online presence.

Manufacturing Production Software

Some companies want to be able to perform analytics in regards to things other than websites and internet traffic. There is a myriad of manufacturing production software available that can certainly be of help to many different companies. Such software can do things like produce detailed reports on the efficiency of manufacturing assembly lines, help plan production, and more.
JobPack is one example of software that is integrated with manufacturing production and can show in real-time, the scheduling of production and assembly lines.

Keeping track of inventory is extremely important to any business. This goes for the inventory of finished products, as well as parts and materials. One piece of software that can help make the process of tracking inventory far more efficient is Fishbowl. This software not only tracks inventory, it also automatically places orders when inventory is low.

You may also want to go for a more comprehensive analytics software suite. One excellent
choice is Statistica. This software package allows you to do things like perform data analysis, mine data for specific information, and translate data into statistics and trends that can be displayed on charts and graphs.

Analytics is at the heart of the short term and long term planning of successful businesses. Thankfully, there are many useful tools that can help you use your data to plan your company’s future.


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Top 3D Games for Your Android Devices

We dug more deeply from the Google play to offer the very best and quite a few habit forming actions, problem, arcade, technique Android games.

Dragon Hockey: Age of Air and Fire
This particular is amongst the most engaging games via Critter Map Software   LLC, the actual dragons glide via air or across gemstone, dealing with for your puck from the frequent online game involving air dance shoes.

These dragons are certainly not dogs and cats, are certainly not competed in any dragon school to be able to enjoy dragon basketball and you will not form any dragon town in a very dragon planet. Your dragons as an alternative, can fight the other person in a very quickly as well as enjoyable online game. These people struggle to use a dance shoes area from the air, cave, or dungeon. The main one player is from the AI dragon challenger plus the two participants is next to a person nearby who would like to beta the dragon on your cell phone or tablet.

Angry Birds Go!
Angry Birds Go is another free-to-play kart rushing online game by simply Rovigo Enjoyment and it's up to date follow up from the Angry Birds distinct online games. Your participants will likely be cast in Piggy Tropical isle, which is the primary interesting3D planet from the Angry Birds online game collection. Participant could collect loose change to obtain automobile updates as well as work with power improves to be able to velocity prior to the opponents. Dollars enable you to purchase updates to be able to speed, best velocity, dealing with as well as durability. Gamers collect deposits as soon as to conclude of each competition that happen to be used to available far more songs.

Runes of War
Runes of War are often a tactical online game put together by Kabam. Locate knights as well as collect resources to be able to feed as well as develop the town. Defend the town through the Darker Dark night as well as try and reinstate peacefulness towards lands. Connect to participants via worldwide in multi-stage contests including wars.

Escape Action
Escape Action is often a brand-new as well as exciting online game put together by Candy Cell. This particular is related to the actual Can You Escape exactly where participants will need to clear up puzzles as well as vacation involving suites to flee. Your Android game features more than 59 ranges as well as in-game successes.

Badland is often a side-scrolling actions experience online game via Frog mind. As the online game is set in a very beautiful do, a thing will go incorrect. Gamers will need to handle among the people in the room to see what's happening. Find out draws in as well as problems in 10 brand-new ranges as well as thirty brand-new tasks. Your game play is jam-packed using awesome visuals as well as sound effects. It can be ready nearly four participants taking part in on a single Android   device.

Can You Escape 2
Can You Escape 2 may be the follow up to be able to Can You Escape; you have to clear up puzzles and locate materials that may help you break free on the suites. View if you're able to conclude the actual 8 brand-new exciting enjoyable game. So these are the very latest and best 3G games for android.

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