Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Six Slick Analytics Tools Your Business Needs to Consider This Year

Analytics is the process of using data from one or multiple sources to craft future decision making. Analytics is one of the ways that companies plan for the future and map out strategies for sales and advertising. Without it, it’s doubtful any company would be able to take advantage of their true potential. Below is a list of six great analytics tools you should consider implementing in your own business and how to make sure each strategy you come up with will work.


Google Analytics
The most popular analytics tool used by companies online and off, is easily Google Analytics. This tool is a must have for businesses with an online presence. It can help you track your website’s performance through measures such as overall traffic, conversion rates, and bounce rates. It can show exactly which online marketing tactics are successful and which are not. It can be great for small businesses just starting to make a presence in the online world to see where they can grow.

One of the main ways companies interact with potential customers now is through social media accounts on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. One tool that can allow you to
harness the information collected from these accounts is HootSuite. It can help you coordinate all your social media accounts, and parse the data they produce.

One of the best tools for managing your search engine optimization is Moz. Moz is a program that looks over the design and code of a given website and determines its SEO effectiveness in the form of a Moz rank. It can then give suggestions on how to improve that site’s search engine optimization and online presence.

Manufacturing Production Software

Some companies want to be able to perform analytics in regards to things other than websites and internet traffic. There is a myriad of manufacturing production software available that can certainly be of help to many different companies. Such software can do things like produce detailed reports on the efficiency of manufacturing assembly lines, help plan production, and more.
JobPack is one example of software that is integrated with manufacturing production and can show in real-time, the scheduling of production and assembly lines.

Keeping track of inventory is extremely important to any business. This goes for the inventory of finished products, as well as parts and materials. One piece of software that can help make the process of tracking inventory far more efficient is Fishbowl. This software not only tracks inventory, it also automatically places orders when inventory is low.

You may also want to go for a more comprehensive analytics software suite. One excellent
choice is Statistica. This software package allows you to do things like perform data analysis, mine data for specific information, and translate data into statistics and trends that can be displayed on charts and graphs.

Analytics is at the heart of the short term and long term planning of successful businesses. Thankfully, there are many useful tools that can help you use your data to plan your company’s future.


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