Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Concept Design : HP+ Learn Healthy habbits with Gaming experience.

HP+ is designed by Omkar Vilas with an innovative idea which totally changes the way we educate children about food they take daily.

Children like challenges while gaming. They try to compete to win in any game which they are interested. Taking this concept, HP+ is designed as a competition based learning system with purpose of education kids about healthy eating habits. The concept is to add "Health line/bar of a character from video games" to real life.

This devices has a Fiber optical 3D shape sensor which identifies the food you are eating like an apple or a burger. If its a healthy food, it adds a more HP on your HP+ band and if the food is junk, it reduces the bar.

Holographic laser projection projects a cartoon images of germs on kids hand and HP+ band vibrates with a message “Wash Your Hands” in it. Mobile connectivity and synthesis connects kid’s heath to his parent’s thought. Celebration of achievement is the most beautiful part of kid’s life. HP+ gives a pleasure of that celebration by reaching better score line than the neighbourhood. It’s the game of good heath that kids never want to lose. It’s the most exciting way of learning good eating habits, naively.

If you like this design, do vote for him here.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Google self driving vehicles to hit familiar roads soon

As you all know Google has been developing a fully self-driving vehicle which starts just with a push of a button and carries people from source A to destination B.

If we take positive side of this, it provides mobility to millions of people by reducing about 94% accidents caused by human errors. It also helps to save many hours which are wasted in traffic. It also gives new opportunity to those who might otherwise be excluded by their inability to drive a car.

Soon this coming summer, google is planning to test few cars on familar roads to learn how these vehicles perform and how people react to these self-driving cars.

Google stated that rigorous testing of these vehicles at their test facilities is completed. We need to see how this will perform. Hope nobody hacks into the software of these vehicles which will create a big havoc. I am sure Google will come up with the best firewall to protect these vehicles.


Thursday, 14 May 2015

Mind blowing video by Pepsi Max to entertain Londoners waiting in a bus stop for their bus to arrive !!!

As a part of promotion, Pepsi max has come up with an innovative to entertain Londoners who wait for boarding bus in a bus stop for couple of minutes. Many do spend their time with their mobiles phones either chit chatting or listening songs but never ever experienced a Robot attack or Tiger coming against you while you are sitting in bustop.

Yes, Pepsi Max have used Augmented reality to create this bush shelter. I was totally impressed and thrilled with this. I am sure my viewers will like this.

Don't miss the end part, its really funny :)


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Plastc Card which holds all your credit , debit and gift cards in one card. It even sends you alerts and syncs to your smart phone.

Plastc card., you heard me correct its not plastic its plastc with missing 'i'. I am tired carrying a fat wallet with all my credit, debit and gift cards. This looks pretty good option tome.

This product seems to be a great innovative product for those (like me)  who have many credit, debit, etc. cards. You "load" them all on Pastc and you can make your transactions easy and with maximum safety. 

In words of Plastc management, "Plastc is dedicated to re-inventing the way you pay and re-imagining the traditional wallet. At Plastc, we think the unthinkable, tackle the impossible, and conquer the unachievable. We are a passionate team with extensive design, engineering, and financial experience using state-of-the-art materials and practises to create truly revolutionary products.  
Our approach is 100% consumer-focused. From the second you remove your Plastc Card from the packaging, we provide the easiest, fastest, and most secure payment experience on the market. When you pay with Plastc, you pay with confidence."

It has E-Ink display with touch screen. We just need to swipe on the card and choose the card you want to pay with. It even shows the your signature and photo id to salesman for verificiation. 

One down side of it is that you need to charge it not sure about the battery though. Apart from this it has many cool features with impressive display.

Have a look at this amazing video. Shed your comments.


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Solar Sinter 3D printer which prints precise objects using sunlight and sand in desert !!

Came across an article about a solar machine which effectively utilises Sun light and Sand in desert to create presice 3D objects from variety of powered plastics, resins and metals where these objects are the exact physical counterparts of the computer drawn 3D designs. Its very creative design which uses natural resource and latest technology to create objects. Worth watching it.



Monday, 11 May 2015

Tableducated (Using Android powered devices for something else but games)

You will often hear older people criticizing modern parents for letting their kids spend so much time on their tablets. While they are partly right (yes, children should move from time to time), they miss to notice the beneficial side of tablets, i.e. all the apps that can have a great didactic and educational function. Here we are going to show you some of them and try to teach you how to make the best use of these devices and their belonging apps.


Creativity boosters

One of the most important skills that must be developed in children is creativity. In this area, there are numerous apps that are meant to spark your kid's genuineness. 
  • Toca Builders 

In this app, the goal is building objects, in the Minecraft-like way. The great advantage of this app is the concept that a kid can literally build whatever they decide to. A whole battalion of robots can also be used in the game, as assistance to your kids in their block-laying efforts. Toca Builders is definitely worth trying. 
  • Toy Story: Story Theater

This app is based on the well-known Toy Story characters. Kids are encouraged to make their own stories with those characters. The app is organized in a meticulous way, so that children pick characters, events and different actions, to create episodes. Also, they can record their own voice for narration. All in all, it is a real imagination-boosting app.

Math masters

Math can become a real boogey-subject in school. However, let your kids see the bright side of this incredible science through smart Android apps.
  • Slice fractions

In this innovative education-fun app, kids have clear goal – using a character of a mammoth to move through lava and ice by slicing them. While doing this, children learn fractions. More than sixty fraction puzzles can be solved in this amusing and useful math app.
  •  Medieval Math Battle

The creators of this app have shown that math (and any other subject) can be an inspiring combination of many things. In this engaging math app, kids are required to fight goblins, trolls and other monsters (visually adapted to young age users) and solve math problems along the way. Thanks to finely graded levels that get harder with every solved puzzle, Medieval Math Battle will be a long-lasting riddle for your kids.

Tips for parents

Those apps are so wisely designed and they can really help your children help develop some skills. You can turn your kids' tablet into a real learning device, although you will need more memory storage space, so insert an 8gb micro SD card to provide enough space for the apps your kid will be using. However, you have to set clear rules and stick to them, in terms of the periods of the day when they are allowed to use the tablet and the apps. And the most important thing: your kid must be physically active every day. Only then will the use of educational apps come as a meaningful addition to their quality time.

The listed apps join two great qualities: being funny and being instructive. But don't neglect other important features of children's development and use tablets and apps only as aides and not the main upbringing/education factors.

Logan R. Grayson spent part of his life  keeping up with the latest developments in technology, online  writing and hi-tech in general. Devout Android user, he believes that humankind will continue to make such huge scientific leaps, and that Google glasses will be available for sale soon. In his spare time he enjoys reading comics and walking his dog, Speck.

Image source and credit: Flickr

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Wondered if Apple Siri becomes your Mom in real life ?? Check this funny video

I came across this funny video today and its pretty awesome. A lady after a bad day calls her mom and her mom responds to her as Siri. Check this out its really cool.



How to Move Apple Mail MBOX Files Into Outlook 2010?

Users migrating from Mac machine to Windows machine have already many new things to learn. Both Operating Systems are different and its execution and working are completely altered. Email applications supported by both Operating Systems are also different and use different file formats for storing emails.

The import and export options also vary in many contexts which make users worried to migrate emails from one platform to another. Apple Mail users face same issue when they migrate to Windows based Outlook 2010 email client. Users often find ways to import MBOX files into Outlook 2010 from Apple Mail application in order to access emails in cross-platform. In this blog we will be discussing a reliable technique to move emails from Apple Mail to Windows Outlook application with the help of commercial utility.


Elementary Facts of File Formats Used In These Email Clients
Some users might raise quests like why there is a need for such migration and why can’t we simply copy the files and access it in other application. It is necessary to enlighten their knowledge regarding email file formats used in Apple Mail and MS Outlook. 

Apple Mail is a Mac-based email client and exports data in MBOX file format. MS Outlook application on the other hand stores emails in PST file and does not support MBOX file. It also doesn’t have any MBOX import options available and hence it is impossible to manually import MBOX files into Outlook 2010 or any other Outlook version. This variance in email file formats makes it difficult to access Mac based email data in Windows Outlook. But there is still a way to perform this email migration from Apple Mail to Outlook, let us see how;

Procedure to Transfer MBOX Emails to Outlook

Step 1: Export Apple Mail Mailboxes to MBOX File
You need to export the mailbox as MBOX files from the Apple Mail application of Mac machine. For this below mentioned steps;
·         Open Apple Mail application in Mac machine.
·         Select mailboxes you need to export.
·         Now choose Mailbox>>Export Mailbox.
·         Choose folder or you can also create new folder.
·         Click Choose.
·         Each mailbox is exported as separate MBOX file.

Step 2: Perform MBOX to PST Conversion
MBOX to PST conversion cannot be done manually and needs an external application. You can perform this conversion using a commercial application like MBOX to PST Converter. This application is available online and can be utilized very easily. It is Windows-based application and hence you will have to first move exported MBOX files to Windows system and perform the conversion.

Step 3: Import Converter PST File in Outlook Application
Once the file is converted to PST file, it can be easily imported in Outlook 2010 application.
·         Open Outlook 2010 application and make sure the converted PST file is saved in known location.
·         Go to File>>Open>>Import>>Import from other file>>Outlook data file
·         Select the PST file providing its location and import it to Outlook.

In this way you can easily import MBOX files into Outlook 2010 using a reliable and professional MBOX to PST conversion tool.

Outlook default profile pic has a secret image behind it. Quite interesting !!

Have you guys wondered about the default profile picture in Microsoft outlook. I recently came to know this from imgur and found quite interesting. 

Many will never think of it because they assume its just an empty pic. But if you find the real image behind it, you will feel good.

Here it, I am sure you guys have never expected this. If you guess it correctly, you are the genius.

I am not sure if this is real but if you compare the outer picture, it looks real. I am sure this is not a coincidence. What you guys say ?


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Wearable device to wake up a sleepy driver and to monitor your pulse any where

Every year thousands of people die all around the world because of road accidents. We are so advanced in technology but couldn't find a way to alert the driver when he is falling asleep while driving. Though there are few mood detection devices in latest cars, they are not up to  mark.

Today, when I was going through net, I came across an interesting wearable device named "Advicy drive". Its really cool and the information provided in kickstarter  proves that's its feasible. Yes you heard me correct, its a concept design which needs funding to become a real product in the market.

For more details, visit kicstarter