Friday, 5 June 2015

How to Make Your Mobile Phone Ridiculously Quick

Over time mobile phones tend to slow down, sometimes even to a crawl.  We will teach you how to make your mobile phone ridiculously click with a few tips and tricks. 

There are a handful of apps for both Android and iOS that claim to make your phone faster.  The team at Quick Mobile Fix has put them to the test to discover which ones are bogus and which ones deliver.


Tip #1: Keep yourself updated.  Out-dated versions of Android are one of the main causes for slow speeds on a phone.  Older versions of Android, especially Android 2 and 3, are known to slow down over time.  Upgrading to the latest version of Android will not only offer new features but also increase speed.

Tip #2: Out with the old.  Get rid of apps that you no longer use.  Many phones come with a bunch of apps such as weather and news apps from the phone provider or maker which you don't ever use.  These apps cause slowdowns and eat up space.  Uninstall them and your phone will run smoother.

Tip #3: Use a new launch.  Android's default launcher (home screen launcher) is neither the fastest nor the most efficient.  You can find new launches in the Google Play store which run much faster, such as Nova Launcher & Apex Launcher.  Both are available for download at no cost in the Google Play store and do not void your phone's warranty as they do not modify critical system components.

Tip #4: Customize your rom.  If you really want to make your phone ridiculously quick you can run a custom rom.  Stock Android will never be as fast and many custom roms even include overclocking.  You can find lots of great details and roms online on websites such as XDA (


iOS on the iPhone and iPad is quite fast by default.  This is due to the strict control and optimizations that Apple has built into its system.  However, you can still make iOS much faster with a few quick customizations.

Tip #1: Free up space.  iOS runs much faster when it has at least 1 GB of free space.  You can check how much space is available in Settings > General > Usage.  If it's less than 1 GB you should remove unused applications, photos and files to free up space.

Tip #2: Get rid of background processes.  iOS now allows processes and applications to run in the background.   This slows things down and eats up battery life.  You can turn these off in Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

Tip #3: Turn off the fancy stuff.  By default the animations (called Motion) are enabled on iOS.  These look nice but make your mobile phone slow.  Turn it off in General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion, set Reduce Motion to On.

Tip #4: Refresh time.  iOS slows down the longer you leave it without a reset.  Reboot (turn it off and back on) your phone every day or two to keep it lightning fast.

Hopefully, with these tips, we will have helped you turn your phone from being a slow, sluggish bore into the superfast champion you want it to be!

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