Wednesday, 3 June 2015

How To Spy WhatsApp Chat; Not A Mystery Any More

Handling an immense traffic of 30 billion WhatsApp messages per day, WhatsApp messenger is in the frontline when it comes to the most popular apps used for texting. As a businessman, you would be pretty sure that many employees of yours would be using WhatsApp messenger to communicate amongst themselves. To keep his business safe, if an employer needs to find out what his/her employees talk amongst themselves, then they need to learn how to spy WhatsApp chat of their employees with the help of Xnspy.


The app to choose!
Xnspy is a one such monitoring app for your employee’s cell phone that makes keeping an eye on your employees a work as easy as learning ABC. If you wish to learn how to spy WhatsApp chat of your employees, here’s how it is done. This app gets downloaded in your employee’s cell phone in very less time and keeps you updated with all the data that is present inside their mobile phone. No feature of your employee’s cell phone is disturbed during or after installation and no one even gets to know about the presence of this software in their phone.

WhatsApp and other IMs:

Using Xnspy, all the messages sent and received by your employees via WhatsApp are shown to you along with the date and time of each message. You also get to view all the pictures shared by your employees using WhatsApp. Apart from WhatsApp, all the other IM chats records of your employees are also shown to you using this app.

GPS tracking:

The GPS navigator inside your employee’s phone helps you track the exact location of your employees as and when you wish to know about it. You may also set Watchlist Locations for your staff. This means you will mark safe and danger zones for your employees. As soon as your employee enters or leaves any of those areas, you get an alert about it immediately.

Efficient monitoring:

Xnspy works fine with all the latest Android phones from Huawei, Acer, Motorola, Samsung and others running on OS 2.3 and higher than that. For any queries, you may contact the Xnspy customer support team any time you want to. Any queries of customers are sorted out pretty quickly and efficiently. There are more than 30 features of this app and if you wish to learn how to spy WhatsApp chat of your employees, then you need not look any further. Xnspy is the answer to all your queries.


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