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MrTechpathi has got great recognition for its posts. Daily many people visit MrTechpathi to know more about Technology Stuff. By writing posts to MrTechpathi, daily traffic will be rerouted to you through your post(Back Link). We both benefit by benefiting the reader with our content.

Benefits of Guest Blogging:
  • Guest Blogging improves your writing skills and allows you to share your opinion at a larger platform.
  • Guest Blogging gets you back links to your personal blog, which in turn increases your blog traffic.
  • Guest Blogging allows our followers and visitors to follow your blog, so double delight.
  • Our Blog is Page Rank 2 and Do Follow blog so you can add Two links of your site or blog in the bottom of the post. 
What are you allowed to Write here:

As you know, MrTechpathi revolves around  Technology stuff. So you are allowed to write articles regarding Technology stuff like new Gadgets, Gadget Reviews, Social Media,Tutorials and Future Gadget Concept designs. So out here it’s all about TECHNOLOGY stuff.

For example, posts should be like below guest posts.
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Other topics would be gently re-directed to proper portals or simply notified saying "its rejected". If you have some radically new idea or want to discuss out of the box technology, feel free to Contact Us we can help you give it a better shape before you post it.

Rules and Regulations:
  • Posts must be in English, right now we don’t have any other language experts, so kindly go with English. Grammatical mistakes must be avoided.
  • Post must contain a minimum of 300 words. However, we focus on content not number of words.
  • Post only relevant and valid images and Videos. Single image related to the post is mandatory
  • Source of image is also mandatory. Please make sure that your post doesnt end up with copyright issues. I am not responsible for such stuff and I totally respect copyright law.
  • If you are posting tutorials. Screen shots must be uploaded along with the relevant content.
  • We don’t encourage duplicate content, So please don’t post duplicate posts.
  • You should not post any of the past or current posts of MrTechpathi in ANY other blog.
  • Source of Images and Videos used in the post should be clearly mentioned.                                                                                                                                                                        
If you are found violating any of the rules and regulation, Your Post will be send to Trash directly.

Enough of rules, let’s have a good time, Come blog with us and experience a new world. Happy Blogging.

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Only Technology stuff allowed. Read the above points. If you violate any, we wont publish your post.

Regarding queries, Feel Free to Contact Us

Important Note : I have been receiving many Guest posts which are not relevant and not meeting the above rules.So, please make sure that your Guest post adheres to the above rules. If they don't adhere will be rejected.Please be patient after mailing the Guest post till it gets reviewed and published.

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