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Easy way to sell your used or old cell phone : ecoATM

In many posts, I have been discussing about "Global warming". There is a big threat ahead to us because of "Global Warming". Human race is getting affected with natural disasters. That is the reason,  government is conducting many campaigns on "Go Green" policy. The more eco-friendly your products, the more support from public and government.

Since we are in technology era, how about disposing used electronics say cell phone.What if we just throw them on a road side or dump in to trash bags ? As everyone know, cell phones are developed with combination of materials which are hazardous to human health and environment. They may show effect on fellow neighbour or you may also become  the victim.


Here comes the interesting part. What if a company pays you for giving away your cell phone to them. Lets come to the point.  There are many companies which buy your pre-loved cell phones and pay you in cash. Though it takes a while to undergo this process, people are still looking a better way to earn some extra pocket money from their pre-loved cell phones,

ecoATM is introduced to make this process much easier. This vending machine, provides an user interactive application which will help you to safely dispose your cell phone and pay instant cash. This is amazing isn't ?

ecoATM provides you the Quick convenient way to sell or dispose your cellphones  for the best price available in the world. It is equipped with large touch screen that guides users quickly through the process.

Just select type of the device you like to sell for best pricing. Currently, cell phones or MP3 players can be sold or disposed. 

Remove any covers or stickers on your phone to make ecoATM to accurately evaluate your device. The kiosk provides a tracking sticker to paste it back of your device for easy identification. 

Place your device into inspection station. Advance Machine vision and artificial intelligence is used to evaluate the condition and price of your cell phone. 

Now, connect your device to power cable and fill it back into inspection station.Here the ecoATM does the theft and fraud monitoring. Once the checking is done, it asks for your driving license scan and address. Later it takes you to donation screen where you are asked to donate for charity. 

Personal data entered through ecoATM are secure and can't be accessed by anyone until unless if your device is reported as theft. Now your device is on its way to a new owner or well established disposing company.

Finally, the better part. It provides you instant cash for your device. It simple as withdrawing cash in ATM.

Thank ecoATM, you showed us easy way to save our planet :)

Check out this video:


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