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Robot which makes human to attain super power : Robotic Hercule ExoSkeleton

France based company RB3D is working along with French Directorate General of Armaments(DGA),ESME Sudria and CES LIST to develop a Robotic Hercule Exoskeleton.


What exactly is Robotic Hercule Exoskeleton ? 

As you can see from the image, it just looks like a skeleton which  support  human legs providing more strength and power to perform tasks in easy way. In short, its a Robot which helps humans to lift heavy weights and walk long distance without any pain.

Now how long we can walk ?

Hercule ExoSkeleton is powered with electricity. Juice in this will last for 20kms (12.5 miles). Its more than enough for what require per day :). There is no surprise if these products are developed to run with solar energy.

How about limit of weights we can lift ?

Currently, we can lift 100 kg (220lbs). If you are cleaning your garage, then this will really help you. What do you say :).

How secure is it ?
No sure, it all depends on final Hercule which gets released in market  after undergoing various real time scenarios tests.

How about adaptability ?
According to Engadget, "A person needing extra strength to carry that crate of supplies just weares the device and goes about his or her business with the added support of the exosuit".

Do we need any training to use Hercule ?
No it doest require any special training or skills to use.

Hercule is suitable for ?
Comman man who needs support  or more strength to walk and work and military.

This product is in development stage and planned to hit market by 2014. So, folks till then wait with fingers crossed. Check out this amazing video



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