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Tips and Tricks to make reverse scrolling in windows like OS X Lion

Recently Apple has added an interesting feature to its OS X lion by the name of reverse scrolling. So what exactly is reverse scrolling? If this question is rattling your mind, read on to know the details as also some tips and tricks to make reverse scrolling in windows like OS X Lion.

In usual circumstances you you scroll the finger downwards and the document moves down on the screen of your computer. In reverse scrolling you will need to do the opposite. Scroll upwards with your finger as the document is moving downwards. Innovative as it seems, reverse scrolling is just the beginning of a range of innovative features that will make your experience of working on the PC memorable. So how do you do it. Read on to know the details on the method to be followed to make your windows PC compatible for reverse scrolling.


Install AutoHotKey software
Install AutoHotKey software on your PC. This software helps in automation of the repetitive tasks. As you launch the AutoHotKey software, this will lead to appearance of a dialogue box on the PC. Sample script needs to be created too. For doing the same, click the yes button. The same is available on the dialogue box. As you click on the yes button, sample scrip will make its appearance on a notepad.
Installing scroll reversing script
The next step is to install the scroll reversing script. You can install the same from the internet. Several file sharing sites on the internet will help you make the task easier.Scroll reversing script consists of hot keys. You need to copy paste hot keys on a notepad. The scroll reversing script can be saved by clicking on file in the notepad. Select save and the scroll reversing script will be installed.
Right click on the Autohotkey.This will lead you to the option Relaod this script.
As you finish off with this task, the script can be moved to your desired directory. Double click on the same. This will enable the script to run automatically in the background. The scrolling on mouse or touch pad of the PC will be reversed.
In case you wish that the script runs automatically, every time your PC is rebooted, the short cut of Autohotkey software is to be copied to the start up folder. As the reverse scrolling gets activated, the same can be disabled only by uninstalling the Autohotkey software or editing the code.
The reverse scrolling works with touch pad and mouse only and scrolling using the touch screen and arrow keys is not affected and is as before only.
An innovative concept
Reverse scrolling is an innovative concept and works on the real world movement of your finger. Google has introduced the reverse scrolling feature on its chrome operating system and the same is getting immensely popular.
Technology has redefined the way; you work on your personal computer. Try using the same and cherish your experience of using the PC.
About the author: Diana is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. Beside this she is fond of luxury cars and wishes to own one day TVR Tuscan.

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