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Sony Xperia Sola Android Mobile Phone Review & Price

Sony is coming up with its new mobile Sony Xperia Sola in the market. Sony Xperia Sola Android Mobile Phone has a number of amazing features making it one of the best mobiles from Sony. 

This smartphone is not available right now in the market, but, it will be available very soon. It is expected to come in the month of April-may this year. Sony Xperia Sola Android Mobile Phone price is estimated to be $350 in USA, and around INR 20,000 in India. The price of this phone is pretty attractive as it is an Android phone with several features making it worth of its price.

Display: You will find a number of key features in this Android smartphone from Sony. In terms of dimensions, the set measures 116x59x9.9 mm. It has a remarkable 3.7 inch touch screen on its front with 480x854 resolutions. This resolution is less than what is offered by flagship Xperia S. However, as a budgeted handset in Xperia series, it is very impressive with its display quality and responsiveness. It has very responsive screen, and attractive display with several beautiful colors.

Memory: This mobile phone offers 8 GB internal storage to the users so that they can store their favorite’s music tracks, photos, apps, videos, and other stuffs they like. For further storage, the handset has a micro SD slot just like a majority of other Android phones that are capable of accommodating up to 32 GB memory card. This provides you a cost effective option of gaining crucial further storage.

Connectivity: Just like other phones from Xperia, the Sony Xperia Sola also offers several options of connectivity, especially when it is the matter of getting connected through internet. It has HSDPA connection that can make use of 3G coverage for gaining internet connection. Moreover, it has special Wi-Fi connection that can help you to connect with local wireless network of your place.

Battery: The handset takes zero data fees and consume very less battery. This is a very significant feature of this Android phone as problem of battery consumption is the most common problem among several Android smartphones available in the market. DLNA of this handset offers you the facility of wirelessly streaming several contents like videos, music tracks, and photos to a device, which is compatible.

Camera: Sony Xperia Sola is known as very innovative device when it comes to camera of the phone. It has five MP resolutions improving the quality of the photo. It offers other features like smile and face detection, touch focus, 3D sweep panoramic photos, and image stabilization. The user can take high definition photos with the camera of this handset.

Android phone: Sony Xperia Sola has Android operating system that allows the user to do several things from the internet. It allows the users to download applications from Google play, which makes the phone as most advanced Android phone. It has dual core processor of 1 GHz, which clearly removes the performance issues of this smartphone.
Sony Xperia Sola Android Mobile Phone is a very good all rounder serving several features to the users. The price of this handset too is very attractive making it a great phone to the users.

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