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Free Programs to Split PDF File into Multiple Documents

I am writing this post to introduce a few free web-based as well as desktop applications to split a large PDF document into smaller files. I hope you will love the suggested PDF splitter applications and find  them very helpful. Recently, I needed to cut a big PDF file (50 MB) into two equal parts. I did research to find out helpful solutions do the split operation.  I found many applications when I searched a query “ How to split 50 MB PDF file into half ”. But choosing a suitable one is quite difficult which I confirmed later by examining features. Find A Suitable Free PDF Splitter from the List! Here is a list of the best free PDF splitter tools. These applications let you split PDF files easily into required number of documents. All these PDF cutters are available free  and can be used online or downloaded to a Windows PC. These PDF splitting programs provide numerous features to do split operation over large PDF documents.  So, go through this free PDF cutters list a