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Top 4 Cloud-Based Phone Systems for Remote Work

Is it ok to say that you are looking for a cloud phone system and landed on the page in search of the best cloud-based PBX for the remote work? Then you're at the right place, as we listed down the four most popular cloud phone systems and providers for you.

Cloud-based phone systems are currently progressively supplanting old PBX (Private Branch Exchange) equipment. They can offer a considerably more adaptable presentation while including an abundant scope of highlights as standard.

The outcome is that a hosted phone system can have a cloud-based phone system that additionally gives Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), for keeping all informing, calls, and video conferencing working from a similar stage. On this, the PBX system can even utilize cloud-based contact communities by using the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) system, which is some of the time incorporated with existing cloud-based phone systems.

4 Cloud-Based Phone Systems for Remote Office

Some facilitated PBX providers, additionally offer broadened services and some significantly offer voice message interpretation, fax services, and other correspondence combinations, for example, the capacity to coordinate a CRM application with the PBX to empower a single tick outbound calling and recovery of client records or extra data when a call comes into the system. Here are few providers best suited for types of businesses, individual and remote professionals.

1. RingCentral


RingCentral is very popular and always offer their products to reduce expenses while better associating portable and conveyed workforces with the most excellent service. With multiple times a more significant number of clients than some other provider, nobody else verges on communicating the unwavering quality, and bolster that your business requests.

On the off chance that there's one thing clients love most about RingCentral, is that that it's combined with each element they need to be joined with the effortlessness and unwavering quality they need easy to set up, easy to refresh, and easy to keep up.

RingCentral gives simple system and reliability, each essential feature you could need, unwavering service quality, and 24/7 excellent support that originates from serving the most significant client base in the business.

2. 8x8 


8x8 is also an excellent provider of both the best phone system for private companies and the best video meeting service in a unified communications system. The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system is facilitated in the cloud, and it is anything but difficult to utilize, moderate, and dependable. Each license incorporates video conferencing capacities that enable every representative to have gatherings with up to 100 individuals one after another. If you want to know why VoIP phones are the best, check out this infographic VoIP industry statistics for 2020.

The 8x8 item offers numerous data center locations from a dependability and execution viewpoint. They are situated in 20 server centers over the globe with close to six mainlands. The product runs on its solidified server condition, giving them more control and accessibility when contrasted with others like AWS or Azure. Every data center place runs a functioning/dynamic system under mixed-use or to a substitute datacenter geologically close.

8x8 Express incorporates the 8x8 Video Meetings system, controlled by Jitsi open-source innovation, which offers informal group coordinated effort with HD video conferencing that permits moment screen sharing. Additionally, visitors can join meetings utilizing the 8x8 Video Meetings application on their smartphones or straightforwardly through a good program from their PC or PC, with no new app to download.



Zultys is the worldwide provider of phone systems and unified communications services. Inventive, dependable, and versatile, Zultys IP phone systems incorporate voice, video, information, and portability in an only reason-based apparatus, virtualized server, or in the cloud to upgrade joint effort for organizations all things considered.

The Zultys MX system of both cloud and reason-based endeavor class IP phone systems consolidates best of breed Unified Communications (UC) highlights into an adequately adaptable "across the board" local SIP system that can bolster up to 10,000 clients across 128 areas.

Zultys facilitated IP phone systems are housed in best in class cloud-hosted servers, with every client system's business coherence guaranteed with server-level, system, and server center level repetition. The adaptability of the Zultys Cloud Services offering takes business correspondence a long way past a standard cloud-based IP phone system offering.

4. Intermedia

mrtechpathi_Intermedia Devices

Intermedia is a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and business cloud phone provider hyper-concentrated on conveying simple to-utilize, phone systems, and cloud services to medium-sized organizations. With more than 20 years of experience offering UCaaS systems.

Intermedia has tremendous involvement with this enormous and quickly developing business sector. More than 1 million clients depend on Intermedia's services for more prominent unwavering quality and profitability. Intermedia is additionally the primary remote cloud application provider to have been confirmed by J.D. Force for its boss all day, every day specialized help three years running.

Moreover, Intermedia Hosted PBX coordinates with different workplaces in the cloud systems from Intermedia. Office in the Cloud is a set-up of facilitated applications for cooperation, content administration, contact the executives, and secret key administration.


At the point when you have concluded that a cloud-based phone system is something, you'd prefer to seek after, consider the phone systems mentioned above. Every provider will offer various highlights and bundles at distinct value focuses, so you should assess which one adjusts best to your necessities.

If your organization is hoping to move past telco-based voice communications, at that point, you likely should investigate buying a business Voice-over-IP (VoIP) system. Yet, before you pick a VoIP seller, you'll need to ask everybody on your waitlist if they offer a Unified-Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) bundle.

Generally speaking, cloud services have been changing and altering the telecoms business and the scope of remote phone services that can be offered at the best price.


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