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Watch 320 inch 3D effect movie display by just wearing Galsses : MOVERIO BT-100

EPSON has come up with an amazing product Moverio BT-100. I feel to describe it, word amazing is far less. After reading this post,it may seem this product can be a concept design.But, believe me, this is an original product available in Japan and now imported to United states.
Coming to Moverio BT-100, it runs Android 2.2 and pair of 0.52 inch LCD displays at 960x540 resolution to simulate a viewing experience of a 320 inch display from 65 feet away,much like a movie theatre.
 It contains an Android controlled box to view content directly from an SDHC card to the glasses. This device has the capability to stream various video formats including MPEG-4,MPEG-4 AVC,H.264  and audio formats AAC and MP3. This device can even stream direct from the integrated web browser and watch NetFlix or Youtube.

Apart from these features, these LCD glasses are transparent and makes you to keep an eye on your surrounding. For privacy, it provides a clip-on shade feature which make you to see out but oth…

What is your 2011 favourite Gadget ?

We are almost very near to say goodbye to 2011 and welcome 2012 with more aspirations. A decade ago very few know the meaning of  "Gadget" and it was used occasionally. Now, with evolving technology , every electronic fancy device is a Gadget. 
2011 is year of wonderful Gadgets, among the wonderful list of devices, gadgetrance has shared following Gadgets list. Take a quick look and tell us your favourite gadget of 2011 ? If your favourite gadget is not in this list, feel free to mention it.
1. 2011 Macbook Pro

2.The Apple iPad2

3.Amazon Kindle Fire

4. Nest Energy Efficient Thermostat 5.Nikon D5100 Digital SLR
6. NoteSlate eSketcher

7.Orime Mouse by Elecom x Nendo
8.Aesir Copenhagen Luxury Phone by Yves Behar 9.Sony HMZ T1 Head Mounted Display

10.Wacom Inkling Digital Stylus Pen

MrTechpathi had privilege to write on few gadgets on this list. Check relevant post below to know more about these wonderful amazing Gadgets.