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Modulate your iPhone sound using no power

Earlier we have seen 100% Eco friendly and 0% Electricity Speakers for Iphone. This posts contains an alternative design for the same purpose from Arthur.

Arthur named this device as Air Module. Its a very simple speaker design that requires no power. It has rubber break,wood and ceramic system that allows it to modulate sound. Images below will give you a clear picture how this device envelops iPhone (or any other device) and pipes out the music in rhythm.

Source : yanokodesign

Bell speakers : 360 degress sound

With exisiting Digital Dolby speakers setup,there is a need to run lot of wires around the house to experience amazing sound. There are few products which actually work on bluetooth to overcome this wiring problem.

Apart from bluetooth technology usage, Bell speakers produce sound in all angles 360degress. Yakodesign states with multiple bells, one could easily adapt their current setup to accommodate audio delivered in every direction.