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Cameron Dive First Attempt in Over 50 Years

Director who is famous for his well known block buster films James Cameron is soon planning to dive in a specially designed submarine to the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. He is planning to explore under sea life at a depth of 8.2km. Its really a great stunt you can say. This is for those who are ready to risk heavy risk.

The pilot of this submarine will be bolted inside the submarine made up of think steel to with stand the heavy pressure under the water. It make take around 2 hours to reach the bottom. The submarine is equipped with mechanical arm to collect few species. 
The creatures underneath will not be having bones because its difficult to creatures with bones to survive under high pressure.
This dive is very special for explorers because, no human has attempted such a dive since 1960.Fore more details check out this video.

source : youtube

3D without Glasses : New technology device which is bit painful ?

Have you ever imagined watching a 3D movie without glasses? Pretty amazing isn't? I am sure you will say its painful after reading this post. 
 A guy named Jonathan Post has developed a way to get the full 3D, in your face action without glasses. He emulates the shutter speed used in the glasses themselves and transmits that to your eye lids.
Concept here is to get rid of 3D glasses but one thing which bothers is the strain to eye lids. I am sure it will be very difficult to watch hour and half movie with fast shuttering eye lids. Finally we end up with headache after watching an amazing 3D movie.

Check this video :

I understand there is lot of effort and time spent in developing this new way of technology, but I feel conventional way of watching is better than this new technology. What do you feel ? Do you feel that you will be comfortable by watching a movie with this new technology ? Please feel free to drop your comments.

Source : technuetrality

Sony Head Mounted Display with 3D video support will be launched in November

Sony has announced to launch its latest Sony's Head mounted display HMZ-T1 in November. It features 1280x720 organic EL panes and with 3D video support equivalent of 750" inch display with a newly developed optical lens and stunning screen resolution. The HMZ-T1 also comes with virtual 5.1 inch audio headphones.

Stunning screen resolution will give great sensation and experience of enjoy 3D movies with theatre effect. According to Sony, this product is strictly not recommended to children below fifteen years old.

Source : engadget