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3D Printed cars will be our future ?

News about 3D printed gadgets is around for a while. We never gave a thought we one will be printing a car in 3D. Don't take me wrong, the car doesn't come out of a 3D printer out of blue. Its car chassis which is made of light weight, super strong  joints which are 3D printed.

Apart from chassis, the Blade uses 3D-printed components for all the interior pieces and the exterior grilles.

Divergent Microfactories' 3D-printed supercar, the Blade, uses 3D-printed aluminium joints connected to carbon-fibre tubes to create the frame for the chassis. The company claims a 0-60 mph time of "around" 2 seconds and a weight of 1,400 pounds.

“We’ve developed a sustainable path forward for the car industry that we believe will result in a renaissance in car manufacturing.”

Checkout this video

Will this be the future of automotive industry ? I am sure it will be in one day. If you believe if it will be the future, let m…