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Toshiba Flash Air Wireless 8GB Memory Cards will be available soon

Toshiba has announced the worlds first SDHC memory card with embedded wireless LAN functionality. This product is named as "FlashAir" . It has 8GB capacity and supports both peer-to-peer transfers and uploads to and downloads from servers. FlashAir's embedded wireless communication function allows users to upload and download photographs to and from a server and to exchange photographs and other data with other devices, including digital cameras that are FlashAir compliant and, smartphones and PCs that support wireless LAN. All transfers are done wirelessly, without any need for a cable connection. Key features of the new card include the ability to receive as well as transmit and lower power consumption than other cards with similar functions. Even in digital cameras not compliant with FlashAir, the new card can share digital images with smartphones and PCs that support wireless LAN.