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Free jump from approximately 71,580 feet and survived ?

You would have heard about free fall from 5000 feet or 15000 feet.I am sure you would have not heard or experienced about 71,581 feet free fall. Yes the man Felix Baumgartner landed successfully on earth after jumping from a specially made Helium capsule.

 At a height of 13 miles off the ground, after running through his checklist and depressurising the capsule, he leap into the thin cold air. It took exactly 3 minutes and 43 seconds with a peak speed of 364 mph. Its almost crazy feat isn't ?

He pulled out his parachute at 7,890feet and landed almost 30 miles from Roswell, New Mexico.

Checkout this video clip to know more. Don't expect the free fall video because its kept in suspense until the 120000 foot leap.

Cameron Dive First Attempt in Over 50 Years

Director who is famous for his well known block buster films James Cameron is soon planning to dive in a specially designed submarine to the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. He is planning to explore under sea life at a depth of 8.2km. Its really a great stunt you can say. This is for those who are ready to risk heavy risk.

The pilot of this submarine will be bolted inside the submarine made up of think steel to with stand the heavy pressure under the water. It make take around 2 hours to reach the bottom. The submarine is equipped with mechanical arm to collect few species. 
The creatures underneath will not be having bones because its difficult to creatures with bones to survive under high pressure.
This dive is very special for explorers because, no human has attempted such a dive since 1960.Fore more details check out this video.

source : youtube