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Air Mentor Pro : Device to inspect air and show quality of it in indoor environments

Global warming is the main growing concern all over the world. People are getting affected with various diseases with pollutants in the ambient air.  Air pollution is one  of the major killer in the world. Round the globe, millions of people are affected every day because of air pollution. Though scientists have raised their concerns through media, governments have taken various measure to minimise the pollution and even published Air quality standards , nothing is getting changed much rapidly. Its we people who needs to realise and start taking measures to lead life happily. Well all said, we come to the actual topic.  I was actually looking around for a device which can monitor air pollution in a room and provide feed back. I came across "Air Mento Pro" which I found quite interesting. This product is a 6-in-1 indoor air quality monitor. It has the capability to detect  concentrations of CO2  (carbon dioxide)  , VOC  (Volatile Organic Compounds)  together with C