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Complete Guide to Customize Your Home Screen Icons in Android

Personalization is the strongest point of Android so we must exploit it to the fullest. Most people change ROMs, use alternative launchers and modify many aspects of the system but the last thing we usually play with are the icons, although we always have that typical ugly icon that we do not like it at all but we have no choice because it belongs to an application we constantly use, so for most users today I will show you how to modify the icons on your Android Phone without rooting.

How do we change the icons? To change the icons we will resort to alternative launchers because they are the easiest way to do it. With the alternative launchers we can change icons in two ways: by themes (specific to each launcher) or packs of icons.
Using themes is fairly simple , just install any specific theme from the market for our launcher and apply it from the settings of the launcher. This will automatically restart phone and all the icons of the new theme will appear automatically. This option is …

Android Popularity for Consumers and Enterprises

Let me introduce you the definite benefits of Android application development. Android is Google’s own OS powering more than 50 percent smartphones around r the world. This proportion establishes that Android is a preferred OS not only for individual-user-specific apps but also for enterprise-grade apps which are used by business executives.
Google launched Android OS as an open source platform that means anybody can customize its source code to derive maximum productivity. This feature attracted a lot of mobile manufacturers who had begun to experience quickly decreasing sales just after the release of Apple’s iPhone in 2007.
HTC Dream was the first phone powered by Android OS. It was launched as T-Mobile G1 in the US and parts of Europe and as Era G1 in Poland. Soon Apple, the solitary player after badly defeating Microsoft’s Windows powered phones, found that it has a challenger- Android in the smartphone game.
Today Android dominates the smartphone domain and a lot of data are ava…

Apps to Work Faster With Your Android Phone

Let’s face it: we’re all pressed for time. Between meetings, projects, phone calls, and travel, we barely have enough hours just to stay afloat.
That’s why I’m recommending a group of excellent apps that will help you do things much faster on your smartphone. And because my co-workers and I all use T-Mobile Samsung cell phones, I’m familiar with and partial to Android apps. These are all available on Google Play, and can save you tons of time and data input.

FinancesExpensify: Small business owners will love this app for tracking expenses with as little work as possible. Hook Expensify service up to your bank accounts and almost all of the work of inputting and tracking expenses will be done for you. It even tracks cash expenses though receipt scans. (Free)
MobileBiz Trial: This excellent app brings the power of sophisticated invoicing software into your phone, so you can use it anywhere and anytime. Set up templates for estimates and bills, and use the software to track clients’ paym…

Watch 320 inch 3D effect movie display by just wearing Galsses : MOVERIO BT-100

EPSON has come up with an amazing product Moverio BT-100. I feel to describe it, word amazing is far less. After reading this post,it may seem this product can be a concept design.But, believe me, this is an original product available in Japan and now imported to United states.
Coming to Moverio BT-100, it runs Android 2.2 and pair of 0.52 inch LCD displays at 960x540 resolution to simulate a viewing experience of a 320 inch display from 65 feet away,much like a movie theatre.
 It contains an Android controlled box to view content directly from an SDHC card to the glasses. This device has the capability to stream various video formats including MPEG-4,MPEG-4 AVC,H.264  and audio formats AAC and MP3. This device can even stream direct from the integrated web browser and watch NetFlix or Youtube.

Apart from these features, these LCD glasses are transparent and makes you to keep an eye on your surrounding. For privacy, it provides a clip-on shade feature which make you to see out but oth…