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Make Eternal Gaming Done Right with the Aid of Nintendo Ds Battery

Nintendo, simply the word has the power to tune minds towards the video games.  All products from this fabulous producer had already reached most of the hands for playing exclusive games. To add beauty to the extended games of the Nintendo series, the remarkable buttress up of Nintendo ds battery with great life   strengthens the fond of interminable funs with play.

With enhanced features offered by battery play will be endless  Commonly, an activity can be done in eternal times only when the supportive measures for them is made preeminent.  With the choice of playing video games all are having great desire of play for quite long hours. In making all to have the nice feel of the extended play of video games, the first and foremost choice goes to the power backup which will tune the player to have  accomplished desire of most excellent gaming done in great without any pester. 

Obviously, the chance of good and gorgeous act of play will be carried out only with association of best series o…

iPhone 4 case with builtin Projector : Monolith

Japanese are known for their innovation and hardworking. Now once again they proved it by making Century the Monolith iPhone 4 case with built in projector.

Few features and specifications:
 Built-in projector with high end portability 1900mAh battery lasting 3 hoursIimages sized at up to 60cm (in 16:9 format), in 640×360 resolution, with a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, and with 12 lumen's brightness

The monolith is available in black and white (price in Japan: US$260).