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Nokia Kinetic future Gadget : With bending and twisting motions

Nokia is coming up with a totally new technology in gadget device development. As we moved from keyboard version mobiles to touch screen mobile, this new technology will be introducing us the twisted and bendable screens for operating mobile devices in near future.

According to engadget this Nokia's product has very flexible display which can be flexed across both the vertical and horizontal planes with bending and twisting motions controlling the interface.

 If you bend the screen towards yourself, it acts as a selection function, or zooms in on any pictures you're viewing.

In music mode, you can navigate, play and pause with the tactile interface. It's still a way off from arriving on phones, though Nokia is aiming to whet developers' appetites with this prototype.

We may have seen some twisty interfaces already, but nothing packing a four-inch screen and built-in functionality like this. Nokia couldn't confirm the screen technology being used. We need to wait a…