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Android OR iOS: Which is the best ?

Usage of mobile phones has increased rapidly. Most widely used smart phones  contain Android and iOS softwares. Apples’ iOS was released in 2007 in the US market whereas Google’s’ Android was developed and released in the year 2005.  Both the software’s are supported by smart phones, tablets and ipad.

IOS operating system is developed to run only on Apple devices whereas Android OS can customize and run on any device. This is the major advantage of Android over Apple iOS.
Comparison between iOS and Android:

The basic concepts like the file system, interface, performance and software selection varies in both the platforms.There are a few applications which are not supported by each device like automatic Sync of social networking sites, Viber, VoIP application and spontaneous app update. These differ for both the platforms.The multiple email attachments are not supported by iOS whereas it is supported by android.IOS is Apple’s proprietary whereas the…