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Easy Folding Bike with handle to drag : Contortionist Folding bike

Its a known fact that " Health is Wealth". We rather take walk daily or ride a bicycle(bike) to office or near by store to get groceries. But problem with bike is parking problem and fear that someone may just stole it when you left it alone on the road. We often see people carrying their bikes into offices thinking about security.

To resolve this issue, in order to provide compact and ease of carrying it after folding, Designer Dom Hargreaves entered the James Dyson Award to try and gain funding to take this folding bike forward.

This folding bike is named as Contortionist folding bike. It folds completely into the space of the wheels 26 inches circumference and leaves a nice little pull handle for you to drag the bike around.

We have many folding bikes available in market, but very few offer the flexibility of carrying them easily after folding. This is one of the best design we have in folding bikes.

Check this video to know how amazing it gets fold and unfold

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