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Control all devices with iPhone using Gear4 UnityRemote is Universal Remote Controller

Gear4 UnityRemote is Universal Remote Control which doesnt need to plug a dongle into your iPhone or iPad or iTouch. It controls all systems which take infrared signals in your house. It uses bluetooth technology to receive commands from iPhone or iPad  or iTouchand passes infrared signals to your home systems.

You can also control multiple devices simultaneosuly such as turning on a whole system with one button.

Its easy to setup, simply place the Unity Remote in your room,download the UnityApp and follow the setup assistant.

This product is available in market with a price tag of $99 at amazon.

Watch video for more information.

Source : amazon

Sony Vaio Colorful amazing Bluetooth Headset

Yankodesign says ”It’s about time the Bluetooth headset shed the nerd-factor! This design by Erjon Hatillari was inspired by the simplicity of the Sony Vaio’s On/Off button and is almost as small. Using the same unique color scheme as the Vaio, the rechargeable earpiece’s chrome detail glows green during a call and orange when charging. In the form of a single earbud with one large button control, this design combines easy-to-use functionality with basic ergonomics into one sharp looking earpiece”.

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Source : yankodesign