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Compact High End Mini Projector to your iPhone and iPod Touch : BenQ Joybee GP2

BenQ has launched its next generation Mini Projector for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Its named Joybee GP2 Mini Projector. If you guess there may be GP1 predecessor, then you are correct. BenQ  succeed with GP1 and now launched GP1 Mini Projector.

This 565gram light weight product is very compact and stylish. Its a symbol of perfection. It has almost all features as GP1 with additional intuitive user interface.

Few other Features and Specifications :

720p HD-ready video capabilityShort-throw projectionAn integrated iPhone(R)/iPod(R) dockAn optional three-hour battery packA multitude of connectivity options.High-efficiency 3LED illumination and DLP projection technologyOffers unparalleled A/V multimedia on the goUSB and SD card viewersDocument viewer for Microsoft Office and PDF documentsMini HDMI for tablets and smart phones4W integrated Audio Power

GP2 Projector comes with a new carrying case that features a dedicated pocket for the power adaptor.

GP2 has in-build technology for providing u…

Light Touch turns any flat surface into a touch screen

Light Touch is an interactive project that instantly transforms any flat surface into a touch screen. With multimedia technology this device works exactly how hand held devices work.Holographic Laser Projection inside Light Touch creates bright high quality video images in WVGA resolution.

10" inch touch screen is projected on surface using infrared sensor motion detector.This allow user to interact with applications by touching the image.

This is a reference product and is available to key customers and partners. For more information visit lightblueoptics

Map Projector : MAPTOR will help you to reach your destination

Are you lost on your way, do you hate asking directions ? Here is the solution MAP projector. In short, MAPTOR.
Earlier people use to use papers to carry maps.
Due to evolving technology, now people use smart phone apps for navigation. Goolge maps are the best maps with various features.

One problem with  smart phones and navigation gadgets doesn't give flexibility of projecing map on any surface. MAPTOR does that.

MAPTOR was designed by Jin-Sun Park and Seon-Keun Park. This device look like lipstick in shape.Its very compact and stylish too.MAPTOR is a combination of maps and projector. Inbuilt GPRS is really a cool feature.

You can just hang it to your neck and travel anywhere, if you are lost  use MAPTOR to know your location and way to your destination by projecting map on any surface. It doesn't matter where you project, either your palm or a wall, it will help you to reach your destination.
Designers: Jin-Sun Park and Seon-keun Park

Watch this video to know how MAPTOR works.

Pocket Projector from Microvision : SHOWWX++

Microvision Inc has just announced the second generation of its SHOWWX laser pico projector which was released in November 2010.
The new SHOWWX++ is very compact and fits in your back pocket.SHOWWX++ uses laser scanning technology to display images. As its predecesssor, SHOWWX++ is powered by the same PicoP display engine
Features: Pocket friendly size
50 percent brighter display than predecessor
Projects 16:9 wide screen images Upto 848x480 pixel resolution
Contrast ration 5000:1
Projects images ranging from 15 to 250cm(6-100inches)
Rechargeable  batteries (2 hours)
Infinite Focus Plug & Play Thin & light Movie Capable Wide field view Wide Screen resolution
This product is specially made for iPod,iPhone and iPad. This is also compatible with other devices like smart phone,TV/Video-Output adapter, camcoders and cameras. Various accessories are available for this device from Microvision . Know about them here.

New SHOWWX++ now supports HDMI out.

This product is now available. Buy it here

Sony HDR-PJ50 Camcoder with built in Projector

Sony's another creative product has arrived.
Sony has released HDR-PJ50 Camcoder with built in projector.
This is the first camcoder with built in projector. A new revolution in camcoder market.

Apart from built-in projector, Sony has provided
7.1 Mega pixel with 12x optical zoom. These advanced camera features are rarely seen in camcoder.

Sony HDR-PJ50 contains an internal Hard Disk of 220GB capacity. You can record Full HD movies at 1080p using thsi camcoder.

It also provides GPRS facility. You can geographically tag your photos and videos.

Once recording is done, just project the recorded content.
With this newly arrived built in camcoder technology we can expect smart phones with projectors in near future.

Read full product review here.
Price in India : Rs 59,990
Price in US   : $999

Watch how built-in projector works in this camcoder.