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MP3 player that charges using Body Heat from the user : Button MP3

If your MP3 player charges itself by drawing heat from your Body without any external power, will that be amazing ? Based on the same concept, Button Mp3 is designed to charge by using user's body heat. Look wise it is designed with four function buttons on the device which resemble the stitching holes in a garment button.  A cloth like material is placed under bottom of this Button MP3 to draw heat from user Body for charging. After listening music all over day, you just need to put this Button MP3 under your pillow go to sleep. When you are asleep, the Button MP3 charges itself. Wake up early morning and enjoy your music. Save Power, Save Energy and Save Money is a great principle that everyone should follow. This amazing concept is designed by Xuan Xiao, Wu Jia,Wang Junmiao,Pan Dai and He Shushu. Source :   red-dot