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Fujistu Transparent Tablet PC

We are very lucky to be in this era of advanced technology. This era of Tablet PC is upon us and have your ever thought of future ? How it will be and what features and  functions will be provided along with it ? Takes look into this concept design of Iris Tablet PC. Its designed resembles a piece of transparent glass made with OLED display having Touchpad functionality. With its  wireless charging technology, it can scan documents, translates texts and can work as an efficient navigator.   The coolest apps is how you can use it for planning interior designing using AR and split the screen up for shared use. Will the be the concept Tablet you are looking forward ? Let us know your opinion in comments section. Checkout this video Designers: Liu-Wei, Yao Kai-Chi, Hong Ruei-Hong & Cheng Ya-Fang

HP TouchSmart 610 All-in-One PC launched in India

Today HP has announced launch of new HP TouchSmart 610 All-in-One PC in India.Talking about the latest All-In-One PC, Vinay Awasthi, Sr. Director Product & Marketing (PSG), HP India said Touch Smart is a sleek design which can reclined upto 30 degrees.  It comes with extraordinary touch screen features. Users can use Touchscreen to pinch, rotate, arc, flick, press or drag items on their desktop with multi-touch gestures. HP also provide Touch optimized applications for social networking site like facebook,Twitter and Google+ They also provide HP Linkup applications which will enable users to wirelessly link a notebook PC to the TouchSmart with the help of home network. Once both are connected, you can drag and drop the contents in notebook using Touch screen in TouchSmart. TouchSmart will also include multimedia applications for music and movie lovers. With its HD screen, gaming will be more interesting and fun. Specifications: Intel Core i3-2100 Sandy Bridge CPU 4G

HiLo a Concept Design of Tablet PC with keyboard as carrying pouch

Roni Margolin has come up with an interesting TabletPC concept named HiLo.HiLo is a TabletPC where a wireless felt keyboard is used as pouch to 10"inch OLED Tablet. Earlier we have seen few Tablet PC's concept designs  like Mind  and Modular PC  . Each have their unique style and innovative design. HiLo looks unique and great. Having a keyboard as a pouch to carry a tablet which transforms it to Tablet PC is amazing concept. Materials: Keyboard: Felt Tablet Shell: aluminum and ABS plastic Size: 280 x 160 x 14 mm Weight: 1 kg Source : Yanko Design

Easy to backup and secure your data with Mind : Tablet PC and Dockstation

If you are a technology news reader, you would  have heard about cloud model computing many companies are adopting. The main intention of this is to take a backup of data. Backing up data periodically is bit time consuming and there is a chance you may snooze your scheduled backing up facility provided by your operating systems. Combination of Tablet PC and docking station named Mind is a concept design. Facts behind this reason is making backup facility easy and secure. Tilting a Tablet PC towards Hard drive which is attached to a dock station will automatically take backup of your data. Backing up of data is displayed with animation effects. This makes user to secure his data by just tilting corner of Tablet PC towards Hard drive. To know more about backing up of data, watch this video