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New Sony tablets S1 and S2 Unique Folding tablets

Sony is getting ready to introduce its new unique folding tablets S1 and S2 into digital market. To say, its quite late Sony has entered tablet market. There are many digital tablets available in current market.

In this tablet market, Apple's the major player with its iPad2 product will be the number 1 for coming two years. Sony is targetting to take second  place with this product.

First glimpse at Sony S1 and S2 product, its quite evident that Sony has come up with creative and unique folding type tablet. This is the first folding tablet in the market.

Coming to specification,

Sony S1
Android 3.2 Operating system.
1GHz NVIDIA dual core processor,
Dual Camera,
9.4inch Touch screen
1280x800p resolution
Design looks like folded magazine
Supports DLNA for two way transfer of content with non Sony devices.
Infrared remote control technology (Universal remote)
Play station certified
Support for Qriocity music and video service.
Sony S2
Android 3.2 Operating syst…

Is it worth buying a Kindle ?

There is no doubt Amazon Kindle is an amazing thin, weightless and wireless e-book reader.
This product has fair share of advantages in evolving digital market. It has changed the way people read books, news papers, magazines. Kindle offers the possibility of storing your e-books on an SD card,and seeing how little space these take, memory wise, it is more than enough.
Kindle is a wireless device. It can connect to Internet through 3G connection.It offers access to many ebooks that can be bought from Amazon.

Besides these advantages, it has its own drawbacks. Wireless reading is basically a trap to its customers  from Amazon.

For wireless reading pdfs and personal documents on Kindle is not a piece of cake.First you need to upload documents to Amazon, and use them from there by paying a fee.

There are many tablets available in market which provide Kindle apps. Though they come with more price tag when compared to Kindle, they offer other multimedia features.  
So customers need to think twi…