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How to Get Your Product Prototyped

Are you looking at getting your product prototyped? Bringing a new product to market is always exciting and turning that dream from an idea into something that you can hold is actually fairly easy. Below I will go through the steps that the pros use to get their product prototyped. Design There are many approaches that you can take during the design phase. Typically rough sketches combined with some 2d and 3d modeling can be done to determine dimensions. Also take note of certain tolerances that your cnc or rapid prototyping machine may have. With cnc machines, you have a much larger tolerance, but for a rapid prototyping machine, you could go down to less than a millimeter depending on the machine. 3d CAD program options 3d CAD applications and programs can be expensive. I recommend Solidworks, but Solidworks can be highly expensive. Alternatives include Concepts Unlimited, Rhino, Pro Engineer and others. You don’t need anything too fancy unless you are modeling somet

What is your 2011 favourite Gadget ?

We are almost very near to say goodbye to 2011 and welcome 2012 with more aspirations. A decade ago very few know the meaning of  "Gadget" and it was used occasionally. Now, with evolving technology , every electronic fancy device is a Gadget.  2011 is year of wonderful Gadgets, among the wonderful list of devices, gadgetrance has shared following Gadgets list. Take a quick look and tell us your favourite gadget of 2011 ? If your favourite gadget is not in this list, feel free to mention it. 1. 2011 Macbook Pro 2.The Apple iPad2 3.Amazon Kindle Fire 4. Nest Energy Efficient Thermostat 5.Nikon D5100 Digital SLR 6. NoteSlate eSketcher 7.Orime Mouse by Elecom x Nendo 8.Aesir Copenhagen Luxury Phone by Yves Behar 9.Sony HMZ T1 Head Mounted Display 10.Wacom Inkling Digital Stylus Pen MrTechpathi had privilege to write on few gadgets on this list. Check relevant post below to know more about these wonderful amazing G

Paper Bulb which can be Recycled easily : Liteon Eco light

Go Green, use Eco friendly products, enhance recycling methods, these are the concepts introduced by people to save our Earth from global warming. Every individual should follow these concepts in one way or the other.  We can use Go Green products which are available in market. We have many products  which are Eco friendly. Apart from products, there are many concept designs day by day to make products Eco friendly and energy efficient. One among them is Liteon Eco light concept from Tien-Ho Hsu. Taking into consideration of typical rounded shaped bulb, Tien has used a paper to prepare this bulb. This Eco Light bulb works by coating paper with a special conductive emulsion. When electricity is applied to the emulsion, it glows as brightly as a conventional light bulb. By serving the purpose of light bulb, it's more energy efficient and minimises more waste and enhances the recycle part of usage. This bulb can be plugged into electricity d