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Airwheel Airboard : Futuristic Transport system

If you are too lazy to walk or finding a way to go out without walking, then this product is for you. In our daily life we spend some time walking from one place to other. Walking is really good for health. But if you have to reach the destination in less time, either you have to run or find a transport to reach there.

As technology is advancing, many innovative ideas are taking their shape into real products. Airwheel Airboard is one such  product. This is a cool looking and awesome transport device which allow you to effortlessly travel from one place to another with minimum effort.

You just need to stand straight up with a tough of leaning here and there to steer Airwheel Airboard in right direction. It contains pressure sensitive pads which picks up on how your weight being transferred and allows Airboard to do the rest.

Lean in the direction you wish to go just by pushing your toes down and you are off! Full 360 degree turning and self balancing technology mean that its super ea…

Fleet Street Motorcycle with high Torque and Speed

Stepping on this Fleet Street motorcycle will be a dream to Bike lovers. This hybrid design motorcycle is named Fleet Street and designed by Nejc Brezovsek. This motorcycle is handcrafaced from stainless stell and carbon fiber components.
With classic V-Twin Engine this produces high torque and speed. This is a combination of Super Bike, Cafe Bike and Naked Bike. Its incorporated with a Hi-Tech materialistic light frame designed with classic and electric engines.

Currently, demand is only for classic engines, but it is designed to take an electric engine in near future.

Source : Tuvie