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What's in Store for the Technological Future of Dentistry?

For many people, going to the dentist is something they wish to avoid. Usually, this is due to the idea they will experience pain or discomfort during their procedure. However, as technology continues to evolve within dentistry, various new equipment and techniques are being introduced to allow a patient's experience to be much easier than in years past.
Laser Dentistry
Considered a breakthrough because it allows for a much less invasive procedure, laser dentistry makes a visit to a dental office much more relaxing for almost any patient. According to Dr. Knebel Murray, it is used in such procedures as the removal of benign tumors and cold sores, as well as decay removal and helping to regenerate damaged nerves, it results in a shortened and virtually painless healing period for the patient. A welcome advancement for many dental procedures.

Air Abrasion
A great advancement in dentistry, air abrasion can now take the place of a dental drill in many procedures. Allowing dentists to r…

Amazing Microsoft video - A sustainable future

"This one is 4 years old and I guess most of you must have seen it but I'm still fascinated by it.." comments one viewer of this video.  This video was uploaded to youtube on 18 Mar 2009, almost 5 years back.  This video shows that there is no end for human imagination and what human can do in near future. Imagine how many jobs will be created in near future.

I am not sure how many years or how many decades it take to achieve this concept desings to reality. If it becomes real soon, we will be the luckiest people to enjoy the technology. Few may think they are luxuries but remember, "Today's luxuries are tomorrows necessities".

I am feeling lucky to be born in this technology age where we  use mobile phones for keeping in touch with family and friends. But I feel the future generations are the luckiest to enjoy this technology future. Good luck Microsoft !!!

Enjoy this video and shed your comments.

Future Mobile Notebook will be Spider Computer

It may be funny now to think that these type devices are going to replace our notebooks and tablets but in future you will be surely amazed with arrival of these type of gadgets. This post is about Spider computer concept.

What exactly is Spider Computer Concept ?
Having legs wide open like spider when it is in work, has fetched this concept its name. Yes look wise, this looks like a spider but with only 3 legs.

How does it function ?
This Spider computer can be used as a mobile phone when its legs are hidden and when you want to transform it to a computer, just stretch it legs. It uses the laser technology for projecting the keyboard like we say in  "Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for your iPhone, PC or iPad" which projects virtual keyboard with full size QWERTY layout and typing on a surface.

It also projects screen on a surface or on  wall which will act like a monitor of your PC.

Whats new about it ?
In current world, key boards are replaced with touch screens. For touch scre…

Future Smart Phone : Amazing UFO User

Technology is making impossible things to be possible. Gadgets which we see in Sci-fi movie are first designed as concept designs and later with creativity and  innovation they are moulded to real time master piece.

Alexander Graham Bell would have imagined today's smart phone as future technology in his times. Now his time past and we are enjoying the future technology smartphones. Our next generations will be lucky if we see the concept designs which are available in the Internet. There are vast advanced technology gadget designs which are under development.

UFO-User is the concept design of future smart phones. We use many gadgets for various purpose in our daily life.This smart phone is designed to address each and every functionality of the n number of gadgets in single device.

With advanced LCD and light touch technology, apart from smart phone feature, this device allows user to display wide screen on wall for various purpose. Depending on requirement, the projection can be…

Lifebook : Unique laptop with camera,Mp3 player and smartphone

Exactly 50 years back, smartphones were not real but imaginative. Now they became real.They totally changed our  lifestyle .With evolving 3G technology and to watch videos on widescreens and flexibility, we started carrying tablets. Gadgets you carry have one feature outstanding and the other may not meet your needs may be because of its size or functionality.

So, we end up carrying laptop,camera,smartphone and tablet. Though they are compact individually, they use different battery, memory and software too. If we I have 1GB of movies in my laptop, why should I waste 1GB space in my tablet for the same movie. I know you will suggest about cloud technology here. We are talking about physical devices.So,lets not pull that in between.
What if combine all these wonderful gadgets to make our life more simple and easy ?

Designer Prashant Chandra has come up with his unique and integrated design of well arranged laptop which contains embedded smartphone,tablet,MP3 and laptop. He named it as…

Health Assistant in your cell phone : Future technology

It's a known fact that "Health is wealth". As technology is advancing, many innovations are in progress in health technical industry.

Designer Rochus Jacob has come up with an amazing idea of integrating Health assistant in mobile phone. If you think I am talking about an app, then you are totally wrong.

Health Assistant device is a cell-phone like display device which provides patients access to their health information. Apart from  health information it synchronises their medical data with an external server where their doctors can view and monitor patients progress. This makes doctors more easy to help their patients to recover soon from illness or they can easily detect or predict any abnormal conditions in patients body.

You may be wondering how this displays your health related information. Check image below. You just need to attach few sensors and transmitters to your body before you are getting dressed. Once its in on your body it just starts the work and update…

3D without Glasses : New technology device which is bit painful ?

Have you ever imagined watching a 3D movie without glasses? Pretty amazing isn't? I am sure you will say its painful after reading this post. 
 A guy named Jonathan Post has developed a way to get the full 3D, in your face action without glasses. He emulates the shutter speed used in the glasses themselves and transmits that to your eye lids.
Concept here is to get rid of 3D glasses but one thing which bothers is the strain to eye lids. I am sure it will be very difficult to watch hour and half movie with fast shuttering eye lids. Finally we end up with headache after watching an amazing 3D movie.

Check this video :

I understand there is lot of effort and time spent in developing this new way of technology, but I feel conventional way of watching is better than this new technology. What do you feel ? Do you feel that you will be comfortable by watching a movie with this new technology ? Please feel free to drop your comments.

Source : technuetrality

HeadPhone or Speakers Device : 2 in 1 Concept Design for music lovers

2 in 1 products always attract customers. Keeping this in mind, designer Lu Chieh Hua has come up with
Headphone or Speakers combined light weight mobility of headphones with the sound amplification of speakers into a single unit that makes it possible to both listen to your music privately or share with others.

As per YD, this is unique twisting mechanism allows the unit to be propped upright for directing sound and automatically shifts playing modes and volume between operations, transforming it from headphone to speaker in a flash.

This concept looks cool isn't ?

Source : YD

Future USB stick with memory compartments to protect your privacy

Designer Hyunsoo Song from SADI has come up with a cool idea of using USB stick in terms of various compartments.
By seeing this device, I remember the old days where we used to use a single partition in my Windows 97 PC. There was no chance of various creating various partitions because of expensive memory. Now it has become bit cheaper and affordable. Now we have flexibility of partitioning memory into various partitions like primary and secondary partitions. Usually primary is used for Key data and the other partitions to store Music, Photos and Personal files.

Similary, Memory compartment USB stick works in the same manner. The compartments will be numerically numbered. Based on the number you can decide what to store in them.
It simple but cool concept. There will be occasions in everybody life where we are forced to share USB or memory sticks without knowing what personal or private content in it. This device will be an ideal solution.

What do you think about this device ? Do y…

Smart Phone Palette : Future Smart Phone concept design from Kunihiko Nakata

There are many concepts developed all over the world by many designers about the future smart phone .

One among many designers, Kunihiko Nakata came up with a new interesting concept of SmartPhone Palette. This Smart phone uses top and bottom unit as pod display for fast and efficient multitasking.  Top unit for networking and bottom as source of data.

The top and bottom units will be displaying the push button context depending on the applications we used. Bottom will provide the user the source and flexibility to access contents of the phone.

Accessing photos and videos will be just a touch away from the user. Steam of photo thumbnails of the gallery will be displayed on bottom unit. We just need to drag and drop the photos to the screen to view the photos in full view.

This concept was top rated by yankodesign.

These types of phones in the near future will make our life still easier and communicate more with our friends and family.

Source : Mobil.hdblog

LED eye Lens will be our future technology

Getting vexed to wear big and dark virtual reality goggles and 3DTV goggles ? Don't worry they are going to be rendered obsolete by contact lens built-in with LED arrays that can display on top of your retinas.

Researchers at the University of Washington have been working on extremely tiny and semi-transparent LEDs designed to be integrated into contact lenses. So far, they’ve managed to create red pixels and blue pixels, and when they can figure out green ones, they’ll be able to make full color displays.

Despite being millimeters from your retinas, the images created by the lenses will be in perfect focus, and when the display is turned off, everything will be transparent. Since the lenses are inside your eyelids, though, you can’t un-see anything that they decide to project, which is something that you’ll have to consider when you’re watching something especially scary or gross on them.

Power will come from a beltpack that transmits electricity wireless to a resonating antenna…