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Future Transparent Mobile phones

Do you know how future mobiles look like ? What shape they will be ? Many questions araise with evolving mobile technology. With invention of  Transparent batteries, there are many chances that future mobiles will be transparent. To know more how transparent batteries, read Transparent Lithium Batteries for Transparent Gadgets are available now post.

Many compaines are having their own transperent  mobile phone concepts. This post is just to have a glance of those concept designs and feel wow for future wonderful gadgets.

Source  : behance

Glance Mobile : No need to take mobile from your pocket often

Designer Alan has come up with a new mobile concept Glance. Many are using smart phone to read time, date,text messages,social network updates. It's difficult to take your mobile out of pockets now and then.  Glance has complimentary 2 inch screen which actually displays mobile status like time,date,tweets,sms,battery level and notifications.

Features and Specifications:
4-inch OLED screen,
Scratch resistant glass
2-inch OLED complementary screen that displays mobile status(time,mails,tweets,sms etc)
Front and rear cameras
Volume buttons

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