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Easy way to sell your used or old cell phone : ecoATM

In many posts, I have been discussing about "Global warming". There is a big threat ahead to us because of "Global Warming". Human race is getting affected with natural disasters. That is the reason,  government is conducting many campaigns on "Go Green" policy. The more eco-friendly your products, the more support from public and government.

Since we are in technology era, how about disposing used electronics say cell phone.What if we just throw them on a road side or dump in to trash bags ? As everyone know, cell phones are developed with combination of materials which are hazardous to human health and environment. They may show effect on fellow neighbour or you may also become  the victim.

Here comes the interesting part. What if a company pays you for giving away your cell phone to them. Lets come to the point.  There are many companies which buy your pre-loved cell phones and pay you in cash. Though it takes a while to undergo this process, people a…

Paper Bulb which can be Recycled easily : Liteon Eco light

Go Green, use Eco friendly products, enhance recycling methods, these are the concepts introduced by people to save our Earth from global warming. Every individual should follow these concepts in one way or the other.  We can use Go Green products which are available in market. We have many products  which are Eco friendly.
Apart from products, there are many concept designs day by day to make products Eco friendly and energy efficient.
One among them is Liteon Eco light concept from Tien-Ho Hsu. Taking into consideration of typical rounded shaped bulb, Tien has used a paper to prepare this bulb.

This Eco Light bulb works by coating paper with a special conductive emulsion. When electricity is applied to the emulsion, it glows as brightly as a conventional light bulb.
By serving the purpose of light bulb, it's more energy efficient and minimises more waste and enhances the recycle part of usage.

This bulb can be plugged into electricity dock . Once electricity is supplied, it wor…