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Son of a Gun Watch

Many high-end collectors are also gun lovers, delighting in the craftsmanship and attention to detail
of a high-end firearm. To celebrate this slightly strange marriage between Swiss high watchmaking
and firearms, Yvan Arpa for Artyaintroduces the Son of a Gun Watch.

A collector has ordered this exceptional timepiece from Yvan Arpa, creator and consultant in high
watchmaking for his brand Artya.

To debut the collection Artya has imagined a watch containing real bullets. With a bezel and inner
dial like a target sight, the piece showcases six 6mm Flobert bullets suspended in the dial almost like
the barrel of a revolver. Use of copper wire like dynamite wire and the iconic 47mm wide steel case
display Artya brand DNA.

Bite the Bullet: Guns don’t always kill people, time always does.

Source : Artya