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Make your iPhone completely waterproof with Liquipel coating

How good if your iPhone is Waterproof ? Is it possible ?  Yes, there is a way that you can waterproof your iPhone.

Its not a cover  or any other physical material which totally covers your fancy looking sexy iPhone. Its a chemical named "Liquipel". A coating of Liquipel on your iPhone will make it waterproof.

If you want to make your iPhone waterproof, you need to pay $60 to Liquipel 
Liquipel are charging $59 to $79 based on your requirement. Check details below.
1. Standard  Liquipel $59.00 Next Liquipel Treatment completed     1-2 days of receiving your device.
2. Priority  Liquipel $69.00 Next Liquipel Treatment completed    Two hours of receiving your device.
3.  Liquipel & Gadget Film $79.00 Next Liquipel Treatment & Gadget Protective Film       applied 1-3 days of receiving your device.
When you pay $79, along with Liquipel coating, you will receive Gadget Film. Gadget Film provides long-lasting scratch protection for your device. This transparent super-thin …

HTC Jetstream : Gorgeous 10.1 inch tablet suitable for travellers

HTC Jetstream is a 10.1 inch tablet featuring a striking design. It includes the HTC scribe digital ink technology which allows you to capture ideas the moment they strike and modify them and the latest innovations of HTC sense.

HTC Jetstream is the first device on AT&T's blazing new 4G LTE network, so you can download, surf, and share the moment inspiration strikes.

This is a perfect tablet for people who travel a lot. HTC Jetstream comes with a battery which last long.

Screen is gorgeous 10.1inch super LCD display which delivers cinematic entertainment,immerse gaming and full fidelity web browsing experience.

Design wise it has excellent build with brushed aluminium back and curved edges feel very nice.

Processor : Qualcomm® APQ8060, 1.5 GHz (dual core) + MDM9200
Operating : System  Android OS 3.1 (Honeycomb)
ROM version: 1.17.502.3
Memory:  32GB eMMC (supports up to 32GB microSD)
Display:  10.1” inch, 1280 x 800 resolution
16M-color LCD: Capacitive touch scree…

HTC Sense UI update to version 3.5 leaked in a demo video

According to slashgear "HTC’s upcoming Sense UI update to version 3.5 has been leaked in a demo video made available by The five-minute long video shows the HTC Sense 3.5 running on what appears to be the female-focused HTC Bliss. The interface looks more simplified from the current version with new transitions and lock screens".

What’s noticeably gone is the three-button Sense launcher bar that normally sits at the bottom of the screen. In its place there is instead two separate dedicated buttons for an app drawer and phone. There appears to be a new method for adding and removing home screens while the widgets also look to have been tweaked.

Checkout this video

Source :Slashgear

HTC Puccini first 10.1 inch HTC tablet

Few leaked pictures of a tablet in China revealed true face of HTC Puccini. A new tablet looks similar to HTC Flyer but with different dimensions and specifications.

HTC Flyer which was launched in late May has good reviews but failed to compete with existing tablets in market. Leaked photos are getting more appreciations world wide through internet and experts feel that this product has enough specifications to compete with competitors.

Specifications of HTC Puccini:
1.5 GHz dual core Processor,
Android Honeycomb OS,
10.1 inch screen,
Designed to work with AT&T 4G network
1280x720 Pixel resolution
8 Mega Pixel rear camera with LED flash
Ports : Unknown Price : Unknown
Supports all Android apps available in market.
Rear design for great grip
Popular tablets like Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are coming up with advanced specifications.
Specifications of  HTC Puccini look great and shows that this tablet is designed to give tough competition to existing 10-inch laptop…

Technology behind touch screen of smart phones

Touch screen concept has transformed many mobile phones, laptops into geeky gadgets.Many doesn't know that there are different technologies behind this touch screen.For those who want to know about types of touch screen, differences between them and which one to choose, following details will help. 

In brief, there are 3 types of touch screen technologies available in market.

1. Resistive touchscreen
Physical pressure need to be applied.Response to any touch.Multi touch not supportedLess costMade of polyester layer over a glassFair durabilityPoor visibilityTechnology used in Samsung Messages Touch,HTC Diamond,LG Dare phones2.Capacitive Touchscreen
Based on electronic charge. Responds only when touched with some sort of conductive materials.Multi touch is supported Average costMade of glassGood DurabilityGood VisibilityTechnology used in Huawei Ascend,Sanyo Zio,Apple's iPhone,HTC Hero,DROID Eris,Palm Pre,Blackberry Storm phones.3.Infrared touch screen
 Heat sensitive and optical Hea…

Pocket Bluetooth Keybord from verbatim

Verbatim has released a new pocket keyboard gadget for available tablets in market,iPod,iPhone and iPad 1/iPad 2 devices.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to compose e-mail and other documents with your bluetooth enabled tablet, then Verbatim Mobile Keyboard will be perfect to choose.
Ultra compact design for maximum portability
Carrying case.
Build-in media console allowing you to play,pause and control iTunes Music with touch of button.
A retractable iPhone stand
Hot Keys compatibility chart
For system requirements, Specifications and benefits click here.

Watch this video to know more about this device

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HTC status arrives in market with unique button for facebook

HTC has come up with HTC Status powered with Google Android OS.This smart phone has unique button at bottom for facebook compared with other smart phones in the market.
Pressing this facebook button will take you to a separate window which actually allows you to write status, share a link or photo or video to a friend.

Whenever you get a message or notification in your facebook, then light behind this facebook button starts blinking for your attention. You can call this as a social networking phone because it also contains twitter integrated into it.

Android Operating system 2.6 inch touch screen, Full keyboard with facebook button. 512 internal storage with included 2Gigs microSD. Supports all Android apps available in market Arc shape design which makes chatting ease.
Front camera and Rear 5MP camera
The Status sells for $50 with a two-year 3G data plan from AT&T

For more details about HTC Status click here

Watch this video for brief overview