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See What You Print : 21st Century Handy Printer

There are many handy printers " Take instant printout with your iPhone with evolving polaroid technology " and " Say bye bye to printer cartridges use Pencil printer instead " which were unique and considered as future technologies. Well, today we will be reading about amazing design of 21st century printer. You may be wondering what's special with this printer ?  In simple words, its name will give you the answer.  "See What You Print" in short SWYP , is a smart and compact printer which is still under development.Very few printers provide an option of editing photos before printing. Is it a easy task to edit your images ? I dont think so. You may end up taking unwanted printouts. SWYP  is radically simple and provides exactly the simple ways to edit using touch screen mechanism. It makes you to edit and format the print without wasting any unwanted prints. Margins and scaling can be easily previewed and edited on the touch-screen b

Take instant printout with your iPhone with evolving polaroid technology

Designer Mac Funamizu has come up with a iPhone case which takes instant photos like Polaroid printer. Though it adds more weight to your iPhone, it worth having it along to print your favourite pictures. A QR code and geo tagged map can also be printed to link it to a digital version somewhere on the web like Flickr. Its cool and amazing design. Unfortunately, this is still a concept design and will be great if it becomes real and enters market to overtake conventional printers. Soruce : Yankodesign