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Ten years of tech

It's been a momentous decade for technological advance. Read on to see how far we've come and reminisce about a time where things were simple; that’s right - 2003.

With an influx of anniversaries recently - the fortieth year of the cell phone, the twentieth year of the internet and the tenth anniversary of tech tools that have become an integral part of our life, like iTunes and Skype - we’ve taken a look back at the past ten years of technology. Read on to feel old and amazed in equal measures.
Flashback to 2003
2003 doesn't feel like that long ago does it? Cast your mind back to what you were doing. Maybe you were gasping over the t.A.T.u. music video on MTV, wondering who these Black Eyed Peas were, queuing at the movies to see the last Lord of the Rings film or asking people if they'd seen the new show "Two and a Half Men". Of course, if you hadn't seen it, you'd just have to wait Blockbuster got the DVD in. Unless someone had taped it… 

You were prob…

Make your iPhone completely waterproof with Liquipel coating

How good if your iPhone is Waterproof ? Is it possible ?  Yes, there is a way that you can waterproof your iPhone.

Its not a cover  or any other physical material which totally covers your fancy looking sexy iPhone. Its a chemical named "Liquipel". A coating of Liquipel on your iPhone will make it waterproof.

If you want to make your iPhone waterproof, you need to pay $60 to Liquipel 
Liquipel are charging $59 to $79 based on your requirement. Check details below.
1. Standard  Liquipel $59.00 Next Liquipel Treatment completed     1-2 days of receiving your device.
2. Priority  Liquipel $69.00 Next Liquipel Treatment completed    Two hours of receiving your device.
3.  Liquipel & Gadget Film $79.00 Next Liquipel Treatment & Gadget Protective Film       applied 1-3 days of receiving your device.
When you pay $79, along with Liquipel coating, you will receive Gadget Film. Gadget Film provides long-lasting scratch protection for your device. This transparent super-thin …

iCam for your iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 : Concept Design from ADR Studios

Italy's ADR Studio has conceptualized a simple Camera case for iPhone 4 or iPhone 5. It is named as iCam. This iCam is designed with a flexible case to fit along with your iPhone and capture shots which are almost equal to the one shot by DSLR.

With aluminum case and detachable lens, this product is an hybrid version of camera and iPhone. It provides access to an interchangeable lens system and also with front facing display for self-portrait shots and built-in pico projector to show off your slidshows.

Front touch screen can be used for self-portraits, and to access the onboard micro-app.

It even adds hardware controls and a preset wheel like you will find on most digital cameras. Quality and built wise this is designed as per company standards and you will surely feel that its an Apple product meeting all your expectations.

With powerful camera in iPhone and additional iCam attached, you can say bye to your DSLR when you are travelling. This makes your life pretty easy and smoot…

Compact High End Mini Projector to your iPhone and iPod Touch : BenQ Joybee GP2

BenQ has launched its next generation Mini Projector for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Its named Joybee GP2 Mini Projector. If you guess there may be GP1 predecessor, then you are correct. BenQ  succeed with GP1 and now launched GP1 Mini Projector.

This 565gram light weight product is very compact and stylish. Its a symbol of perfection. It has almost all features as GP1 with additional intuitive user interface.

Few other Features and Specifications :

720p HD-ready video capabilityShort-throw projectionAn integrated iPhone(R)/iPod(R) dockAn optional three-hour battery packA multitude of connectivity options.High-efficiency 3LED illumination and DLP projection technologyOffers unparalleled A/V multimedia on the goUSB and SD card viewersDocument viewer for Microsoft Office and PDF documentsMini HDMI for tablets and smart phones4W integrated Audio Power

GP2 Projector comes with a new carrying case that features a dedicated pocket for the power adaptor.

GP2 has in-build technology for providing u…

Is your iPhone or iTouch loosing Wifi after upgrading to iOS 5 ?

Touch competition between Apple iOs5 and open source Android are raising many gossips around the world.  There are gossips that after iOs5 update, many Apple devices like iTouch,iPhone are loosing wifi connectivity. Not sure if there is a flaw in the new update from Apple but still rumours spread like virus all over the world.

Apart from tough competition from Android, Apple should face these gossips promptly to regain its customers.

Are you facing any problem with your Apple gadget after upgrading to iOS 5 ?

Source : 2dayblog

iPhone Lens Dial : Amazing Lens to your iPhone

Its time to buy spectacles to you iPhone. Don't take me wrong, Photojojo Store has a complete three lens optical system for serious iPhonegraphers. Its named iPhone Lens Dial.

You may be wondering why should I buy this when I have a Digital camera with me. You can find answer in your question itself. When you have a compact Digital camera in your iPhone why do you want to give a chance of carrying another Digital camera with you.

As everyone knows, iPhone comes with high quality camera lens. Buying this product will perfectly fit to your iPhone and you will be able to click snaps whenever you are out with your friends and family.

 The iPhone Lens Dial boast three optical quality coated glass lens: Wide angle, Fisheye, and Telephoto. All wrapped in a slim aircrafted-grade aluminum jacket equipped with two tripod mounts.

To switch between lens just rotate the disc. Lens will never leave your phone,so they are always at the ready.

Use the 0.7x wide angle for sweeping landscape or ge…

Control all devices with iPhone using Gear4 UnityRemote is Universal Remote Controller

Gear4 UnityRemote is Universal Remote Control which doesnt need to plug a dongle into your iPhone or iPad or iTouch. It controls all systems which take infrared signals in your house. It uses bluetooth technology to receive commands from iPhone or iPad  or iTouchand passes infrared signals to your home systems.

You can also control multiple devices simultaneosuly such as turning on a whole system with one button.

Its easy to setup, simply place the Unity Remote in your room,download the UnityApp and follow the setup assistant.

This product is available in market with a price tag of $99 at amazon.

Watch video for more information.

Source : amazon

iPhone 5 about to hit market by mid september 2011

Many rumors on Apple fifth generation iPhone which may get released by mid September 2011. Apple’s major US carrier partner AT&T is getting prepared for this release.The fifth generation iPhone may offer a somewhat longer and wider form factor than iPhone 4. We are not sure this decision was based on Samsung galaxy.

There are rumors that iPhone 5 may come with separate speaker,main microphone and USB doc connector. Apart from these rumors there are many images which are getting circulated daily about iPhone 5 look. Few collected iPhone 5 pictures for you. 
We need to wait and see till mid September to glance at new iPhone 5.

Google+ App released for iPhone

As many are opting Google+ social network for its great flexibility,privacy protection and ease of use, many iPhone users were eagerly waiting for Google+ app. The day has arrived. Google+ is available for iPhone users.
This is great app which allows to share right things with right people.
It also provides better support for attaching photos.
There will be many features and functionalities in near future.
Download google+ app here

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Pocket Bluetooth Keybord from verbatim

Verbatim has released a new pocket keyboard gadget for available tablets in market,iPod,iPhone and iPad 1/iPad 2 devices.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to compose e-mail and other documents with your bluetooth enabled tablet, then Verbatim Mobile Keyboard will be perfect to choose.
Ultra compact design for maximum portability
Carrying case.
Build-in media console allowing you to play,pause and control iTunes Music with touch of button.
A retractable iPhone stand
Hot Keys compatibility chart
For system requirements, Specifications and benefits click here.

Watch this video to know more about this device

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Pocket Projector from Microvision : SHOWWX++
 Sony HDR-PJ50 Camcoder with built in Projector
New Sony tablets S1 and S2 Unique Folding tablets

Pocket Projector from Microvision : SHOWWX++

Microvision Inc has just announced the second generation of its SHOWWX laser pico projector which was released in November 2010.
The new SHOWWX++ is very compact and fits in your back pocket.SHOWWX++ uses laser scanning technology to display images. As its predecesssor, SHOWWX++ is powered by the same PicoP display engine
Features: Pocket friendly size
50 percent brighter display than predecessor
Projects 16:9 wide screen images Upto 848x480 pixel resolution
Contrast ration 5000:1
Projects images ranging from 15 to 250cm(6-100inches)
Rechargeable  batteries (2 hours)
Infinite Focus Plug & Play Thin & light Movie Capable Wide field view Wide Screen resolution
This product is specially made for iPod,iPhone and iPad. This is also compatible with other devices like smart phone,TV/Video-Output adapter, camcoders and cameras. Various accessories are available for this device from Microvision . Know about them here.

New SHOWWX++ now supports HDMI out.

This product is now available. Buy it here

Apple to expand its iCloud technology all over the world

Many are aware of iPod,iPod Touch and iPad. But iCloud seems to be new Isn't ?
iCloud is online storage introduced by Apple for people who can access their information like photos,documents,videos, calender and more, any where any time on any idevices. iCloud is free with iOS5.

iCloud is the easiest way to access and manage your content.To access your contents you need a single Apple Id and password. iCloud stores yours contents so its always accessible from your  iPad,iPhone,iTouch,Mac or PC.
Using iCloud you can keep your emails, contacts and calenders up to date across all your devices.
When you sign up for iCloud, you automatically get 5GB of free storage. Your purchased apps,music,books don't count against your free storage.

Having iCloud account is an added advantage to music lovers.The music purchase in iTunes
appears automatically on all your devies. Your can also download your past iTunes purchases.With this option, you can access music from any device at any time. iClou…

iPhone 4 new SLR camera Gadget from Photojojo

Iphone 4, a wonderful mobile gadget to own in current digital world. It comes with rear and front cameras. Rear camera is good enough to capture decent snaps for sharing with Friends and Family.

This feature is an added advantage to iPhone users. There is no need to carry their compact digital cameras along with them all the time.

What if iPhone4 comes up with a new hardware to attach Digital SLR lens to its powerful camera ?

Yes, Photojojo store released the iPhone SLR Mount, a hardware attachment that  allows you to use your fancy Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lens while shooting pictures with your iPhone.

With this additional add-on hardware we can even get good resolution snaps.In current world, smart phones are arriving with sufficient mega pixel resolution features. But the lacking feature is zooming lens which are used for capturing exceptional shots.

We need to wait and see for further enhancement of this product.

This product is available in market with decent price of $249 for the…

HP TouchPad will it be a real competitor to Apple and Samsung ?

One more competitor for Ipad has arrived into market.
Hewlett-Packard(HP), the world's leading computer manufacturer, has officially announced its new HP TouchPad.

This TouchPad comes with WebOS, the mobile operating system developed by Palm, which Hp took over for $1.2 billion more than a year ago.

WebOS is really good operating system for multitasking.TouchPad also runs 3G cellular networks.HP has announced that the size and cost of HP TouchPad will be equal to Ipad2 size and cost.
But below are few Turn-offs compare to existing products (Ipad and Samsung Galaxy) in market
No enough apps.No rear cameraHeavy weight than competitors.More thicker than competitors.Front camera can be used only for SkypeSo lets see how TouchPad competes against major players in Apple,Samsung and others
in market. Fore more details check this video below:

AT&T iPhone 4 Ballistic Hard Core (HC) Series Case

Iphone 4, a new revolution in Mobile technology. People using smart phones prefer Iphone 4 as a must owned gadget. This is the reason Iphone 4 cost is very high in market.
Cool Apps in Iphone allow people to perform various tasks in their daily life
People carry lot of information like photos,videos and personal information.
Iphone has become part of many people daily life.

What if a Iphone is dropped accidentally ? Will it survive ? If it doesn't it will be a big problem to the Iphone owner.

One way to protect your  Iphone 4 is using a protective case.

In market various Iphone case's are availble.
One among the best product is  AT&T iPhone 4 Ballistic Hard Core (HC) Series Case . This is an amazing product with 5 layers. Layer 1 – Built in screen protector Layer 2 – Ballistic shock absorbent polymer Layer 3 – Tough impact resistant polycarbonate Layer 4 – An additional layer of our Ballistic shock absorbent polymer Layer 5 – Optional outer layer of silicon, with plugs for all…