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Kodak Playfull Waterproof Video Camera : Credit Card Size

Recently, I heard news about smartphones sales impacting compact camera industry. So, compact camera manufacturers are heading their way to new advanced features which smarphones cant offer. Yes, we are talking about waterproof compact video camera. There are many waterproof compact video cameras, also there are many manufactures who offer a waterproof cover to conventional compact cameras.  One of waterproof compact video camera which attracted my eye is Kodak playfull waterproof video camera . This video camera is of credit card size and captures wonderful crispy photos under water.  One additional advantage of this camera is HD recording. You can record 720p HD video under water till 10 feet depth. Once capturing photos or video, you can upload to youtube or any social networking site with a single click on Share button on this camera. A USB port for charging and downloading your videos and images is provided.  This product is available in amazon for $79 with 28% off. Hurr