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CoolSpot perfect solution of laptop overheating problem

I love my laptop a lot. I have a great attachment with it from past 4 years. As its getting old, heating problem is getting worse. I tried few cool pads which were available in market but couldn't help. I even tried using mini fan table which was not quite comfortable.

Was going through net for a solution and found a new product named CoolSpot. If you are having same problem which I am facing, you should know about this dual air intake system in CoolSpot.

CoolSpot features looks better than cooling pads available in market. Its quite comfortable,light weight and sleek design to place your laptop on your lap without feeling the heat. Coming to its dual air intake system, CoolSpot has two air inlets once in bottom and other in rear. When you place laptop on your lap, air flows through bottom. If you keep it on surface or desk,air flows through the rear inlets.

As soon as the air reaches in,it efficiently circulates to provide overall cooling.Not but not the least, it increases the…