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The Future of the Laser in Technology

Lasers are an advancement in engineering and technology that has numerous versatile uses. In present day, we can recognise lasers to be used in TVs , science and as sources of cutting into materials. As expected, lasers in technology have a huge future in front of them that will potentially change the face of modern technology and science. Each sector that makes use of the laser can anticipate a positive impact made by developing technologies. There are already sectors within the technology sector that will use new developments that promise to only better their success. Familiar uses of lasers in technology can be broken into some of the following groups: Laser Eye Surgery This is the process in which the laser reshapes the cornea of a bad sighted eye and aims to correct it to a regular eye format that hopes to help the patient see better - removing any short or long sightedness they may have. These compact lasers have a fantastic ability to change the hum