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Leaked images of Xperia HD

ITProPortal has displayed few images of what it claims to be Sony Ericsson Nozomi.Since Ericsson is alone without Sony tag, this product may end being sold as the Xperia HD.

Xperia HD will be supporting 1280x720 HD  resolution. With dual core 1.5 GHz processor, Android 2.3.7 Ginger bread, 12MP camera,1GB of RAM,8GB of built-in storage looks promising to give tough competition to iPhone and Samsung SmartPhones.

Apart from pros, it comes with no microSD expansion slot and running Android Gigner bird when all its competitors are using Ice Cream Sandwich is quite disappointing.

Check this photos from ITProPortal

Source : ITProPortal

iPhone 5 leaked images from MacRumors

We have seen many sleek designs of iphone5 in previous post.This post contains leaked images of iPhone5 from MacRumors.When compared with previous images in previous post iPhone5 has really different look.The main button is oval in shape rather than conventional round shape.Phone looks wider and slim when compared to iPhone4.

For more details visit MacRumors