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Map Projector : MAPTOR will help you to reach your destination

Are you lost on your way, do you hate asking directions ? Here is the solution MAP projector. In short, MAPTOR. Earlier people use to use papers to carry maps. Due to evolving technology, now people use smart phone apps for navigation. Goolge maps are the best maps with various features. One problem with  smart phones and navigation gadgets doesn't give flexibility of projecing map on any surface. MAPTOR does that. MAPTOR was designed by Jin-Sun Park and Seon-Keun Park. This device look like lipstick in shape.Its very compact and stylish too.MAPTOR is a combination of maps and projector. Inbuilt GPRS is really a cool feature. You can just hang it to your neck and travel anywhere, if you are lost  use MAPTOR to know your location and way to your destination by projecting map on any surface. It doesn't matter where you project, either your palm or a wall, it will help you to reach your destination. Designers: Jin-Sun Park and Seon-keun Park Watch this video to kno