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Future Technology Car from Mitsubishi : Emira

Diginfo has released few images of future car interface concept designed by Mitsubushi.They named this concept design car as "Emira".

The design is pretty amazing with full technology embedded into the automobile. A flat front panel LCD ,curved surface touch display in front, different shaped steering with 18 buttons on two keypads to control information on large display of dashboard looks amazing.

Apart from front panel LCD, Emirai features a touch display to right of steering wheel which can be used to hand write letters and characters for providing input with hand.

It also contains advanced features like personal identification system,facial temperature and heart rate measurement mechanism for safety and automation.

Though this produces less noise, so it  has option to produce fake noise to alert pedestrians nearing Emira.

Back Driver seat has a rear panel with 3D touch screen designed for entertainment.

What else we need in future for transport with these advanced featur…