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How to choose mobile signal booster

The pace of life is increasing with each passing day. This increase means that people need to be reachable for the better part of twenty-four hours each day. As a result, there are very few places in the world where there is not at least some type of cell reception. Some areas are not as strong as others though and could use a mobile repeater.
These repeaters can be purchased on a large scale basis. A smaller size may also be purchased depending on what you need the device for. When searching for 
your next mobile signal booster, it may help to keep a few factors in mind.

While technology is something that many societies in the world cannot survive without, it is not always cheap. When searching for a mobile repeater it is important to keep cost in mind and set a budget before purchasing a system.

After setting a budget for the purchase, the next major decision to make is where the mobile repeater will be located. There are two places the repeater is typically placed. One is i…

Max Virus Found In Free Top 10 Android Apps

Everyone is aware of potential virus threats on the home PC or laptop. Utilizing an anti-virus program is standard practice. Unfortunately the same virus risks are present on Android cell phones and most users are totally unaware. Recently over fifty android apps have been identified with a new virus threat including the top 10 Android apps. These are estimated to have already affected over 200,000 users. As of May 2013 a reported 900 million Android phones have been activated and 48 billion apps downloaded from the google play store.
New Information
Recently researchers from a mobile security company announced they had identified a threat that could potentially affect every Android phone released in the past four years. The company went on to say that the virus threat had the potential to turn every Android device into a "zombie botnet."
How it Works
The hackers took 21 popular free apps and injected specific code. The apps were then republished. Within four days upwards hund…

Enjoy Free Texting with Some Top Mobile Apps

Mobile phone users cannot live without using their mobile round the clock and hence keep on charging their phones by coughing out bucks. They always search for getting subscription to unlimited plans so that they can enjoy continuous texting. How many do actually call up their friends and dear ones? Texting is the simple way of connecting with everyone around the globe! Your love for texting is now to find a new direction with the free apps.
There are several free applications to enable you to text your messages without shelling out a single penny. There are also some additional perks with these apps! Yes, video calling and group chatting now will not need any extra bucks. Check out the apps and experience something more than just basic texting.
1.KaKao Talk      Indulge in free calling and texting at any point of time and in any location with the help of this FREE app. All you require to have is a single phone number. You get support for 12 diverse languages …

Top 5 Smart iPhone Protective Cases For You

A good care of your mobile increases its usage period. Want to keep your iPhone safe from just about everything. Most waterproof cases are pretty bulky and make you to pay for your iPhone protection with both size and weight.
Here, I round-up the best top iPhone 4 and 4S cases available in the market. So, have a look at this article to know few iPhone cases to protect and make your phone to look attractive with some extra style.
Griffin Reveal
This is one of the best minimalist ultra-slim hard-shell protective casing to your iPhone 4 and 4S. Some mobile users think that the case will cover the beautiness of iPhone, but you can cover it up with bright colors in order to show your smart mobiles along with protective case. With this you still have a good grip from getting into damage. This sleek design protects your iPhone from the indignities of the outside environment. The cases are available in white, black colors with various models. Make a perfect companion for your iPhone from sudden …

Image editing made very very easy : Scalado applications

Have you heard about Scalado ? If not then its time to know more about it and feel great. I am sure it will show you one more reason to love your mobile.

Scalado team involves in developing compelling imaging applications.Their  software offers great advantages in capturing, viewing and creating images. This technology is proven and ships in millions of mobile devices around the world. It will significantly shorten your time-to-market and offer real imaging differentiation.

All applications will effectively utilize the touch screen technology in your gadget to provide you an easy way to edit and compose your pictures.

I feel Scalado will be our future/present mobile imaging technology. I was totally amazed by watching the demo videos shared in their website.

Scalado official video says that "scalado is the imaging center of gravity". You will surely agree after watching these videos.

Taking Group Photos made easy :
Say, you are trying to capture a group photo, sometimes it w…

LG E730 Optimus Sol mobile at a glance

There are many occasions where images of mobile prototypes are leaked. In the same manner, LG's upcoming Optimus Sol, a mid-range smart phone due for release sometime before the end of this year has been unofficially available on German tech site BestBoyz.

Few availbale details: 3.8-inch AMOLED display 1GHZ processor 5MP camera Black and silver models Price : 299 Euros

Source : t3

Nokia 500 with 1GHz processor with affordable price tag to hit market

Finally Nokia has planned to release its new fastest smart phone Nokia 500 by end of this year. Nokia claims Nokia 500 is the fastest smart phone with affordable price.
Features and specifications: 1GHz processor Symbian Anna operating system 5 mega pixel camera 640x360 pixels 3.2 inch capacitive touch display 2GB Storage 32GB expandable micro SD slot Bluetooth 2.1 Wi-Fi Dimensions : 111.3x53.8x14.1mm Weight 93g Battery: 5-7 hours talktime,450+ hours in standby or up to 35 hours music and playback. Navigation system free for 80 countries India Price / Cost : Rs 9,500

Looking at specifications and features, 1GHz processor in smart phones with affordable price is quite impressing. New version of Symbian OS with refreshed User Interface,  better browser and split screen messaging adds life to this mobile. Nokia is also providing customer the flexibility of changing the colors of their mobile back panels by providing additional two colorful back panels. Fore more information visit Nokia 500.
This mobile…

Nokia N9 first mobile with no buttons in front

Nokia N9 is announced officially on June 21 2011.Nokia has officially unveiled its first smart phone Nokia N9.N9 is the first touch phone with no buttons on the front. In total there are 3 keys. One for camera and the other two for volume.Swipe has made Nokia N9 best features even better and easier to use.
Nokia  claims N9 comes with fastest browser for instant access to Internet. N9 provides Maps with free navigation in 90 countriesworld wide and the Driver app, in-car navigation.
N9 comes with the fastest camera with 8 Mega pixel carl zeiss lens .
For Music and Movie lovers this gadget will exceed their expectation. Nokia N9 comes loaded with top quality adds - with many more available at Ovi store.
Overall its a multitasking mobile with high quality features. This looks to be a tough competitor for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

For more information watch this video

Current India market price is Rs 32,364 (USD $677)

Pocket Bluetooth Keybord from verbatim

Verbatim has released a new pocket keyboard gadget for available tablets in market,iPod,iPhone and iPad 1/iPad 2 devices.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to compose e-mail and other documents with your bluetooth enabled tablet, then Verbatim Mobile Keyboard will be perfect to choose.
Ultra compact design for maximum portability
Carrying case.
Build-in media console allowing you to play,pause and control iTunes Music with touch of button.
A retractable iPhone stand
Hot Keys compatibility chart
For system requirements, Specifications and benefits click here.

Watch this video to know more about this device

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iPhone 4 new SLR camera Gadget from Photojojo

Iphone 4, a wonderful mobile gadget to own in current digital world. It comes with rear and front cameras. Rear camera is good enough to capture decent snaps for sharing with Friends and Family.

This feature is an added advantage to iPhone users. There is no need to carry their compact digital cameras along with them all the time.

What if iPhone4 comes up with a new hardware to attach Digital SLR lens to its powerful camera ?

Yes, Photojojo store released the iPhone SLR Mount, a hardware attachment that  allows you to use your fancy Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lens while shooting pictures with your iPhone.

With this additional add-on hardware we can even get good resolution snaps.In current world, smart phones are arriving with sufficient mega pixel resolution features. But the lacking feature is zooming lens which are used for capturing exceptional shots.

We need to wait and see for further enhancement of this product.

This product is available in market with decent price of $249 for the…

AT&T iPhone 4 Ballistic Hard Core (HC) Series Case

Iphone 4, a new revolution in Mobile technology. People using smart phones prefer Iphone 4 as a must owned gadget. This is the reason Iphone 4 cost is very high in market.
Cool Apps in Iphone allow people to perform various tasks in their daily life
People carry lot of information like photos,videos and personal information.
Iphone has become part of many people daily life.

What if a Iphone is dropped accidentally ? Will it survive ? If it doesn't it will be a big problem to the Iphone owner.

One way to protect your  Iphone 4 is using a protective case.

In market various Iphone case's are availble.
One among the best product is  AT&T iPhone 4 Ballistic Hard Core (HC) Series Case . This is an amazing product with 5 layers. Layer 1 – Built in screen protector Layer 2 – Ballistic shock absorbent polymer Layer 3 – Tough impact resistant polycarbonate Layer 4 – An additional layer of our Ballistic shock absorbent polymer Layer 5 – Optional outer layer of silicon, with plugs for all…