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Top 6 Common Web Design Mistakes

In recent years, we’ve seen widespread introduction of DIY site builder companies and code-free web design tools. All of which have helped to make creating your website, that much easier. In turn, this has led to the mind-set that, a nice site layout is all you need. But the unfortunately reality is that there are still many things for you to consider, when it comes to site design. Ask anyone that knows a thing or two about creating websites, and while setting your first site up, can be a relatively user-friendly event, there are still tons of websites being put together, poorly. Some of these mistakes are glaring, while others require a certain level of expertise for you to notice.   Such mistakes are capable of impacting virtually every aspect of the site. They can damage the sites SEO, destroy site conversion rates, increase bounce rates, and give your competition an edge over you. Below are 6 common mistakes that site owners and creators make.     1. No Data Analytics W

Incredible Mobile Websites and Applications

Aside from the ability of giving us an easier way of communicating to each other with the use of our mobile devices it’s amazing features which also helps us in many ways to improve life as to affect us in every little ways. The main goal of the developers and sites is to give the readers and users the best interest in web designs, word press, graphic tutorial, coding, freebies, inspiration and more handpicked design for the community. In order to attract your target market or your customers you must make sure that what you’re offering is simple to understand to every user from kids to senior levels.  Though you need to be very innovative and unique in challenging other newest technology which comes up but still the simpler the better, and down to basics is more advisable and to be user friendly. Here are the 10 Clean and Creative Mobile Websites and Apps according to the 1-     iOS Music Player App – This application is designed for t