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Wave Cradle - Cradle which modulates your iPhone sound without power

We have seen many posts post1, post2 which actually demonstrate the way the sound from iPhone is naturally enhanced. Wave cradle is also certainly one of the more simpler and fancy designs we have come across.

According to ohgizmo the cradle, which is made from aircraft grade aluminum, features a “built-in acoustic curvature” that’s designed to redirect the sound coming from the iPhone’s own speaker towards the listener. Because it’s then not being directed into a desk or floor where it can get muffled, the sound is apparently crisper and louder.

Product Details:
•Made from aircraft grade aluminum
•Solidly built to prevent tipping over
•Smooth curvature plate gives crisp, clear sound up to 20 feet away
•Specialized rubber grip on front of the curvature plate securely holds your phone
•Rubber bottom surface protects your desk and prevents slipping

Product Dimensions:
Height: 8.3″ (210.82mm)
Width: 3.75″ (95.25mm)
Depth: 4.75″ (120.65mm)
Weight: 9.6 oz. (.272kg)
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