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Power your house with Electric Car : The Nissan Leaf

Recently Nissan Technology Magazine (NTM) has published an article on The Nissan Leaf.

The Nissan Leaf is a highly anticipated 100% electric car that can store 24kWh of power which can power an average Japanese home for two days.

There are many advantages of this Electric car. The Nissan Leaf can be used as a giant generator to your house when there is an emergency need or power cut. You can even recharge it for low cost in power charging stations and reduce your electricity bill. You can even share this generator with your neighbours when they are in need. In this way you can form a smart community.

In order to reduce the cost and use surplus electricity usage, The Nissan leaf with power control system is being introduced soon.

This will be a great step in automotive industry.

Check out this video to know how this system works.

Source :  Nissan Technology Magazine