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Ten years of tech

It's been a momentous decade for technological advance. Read on to see how far we've come and reminisce about a time where things were simple; that’s right - 2003. With an influx of anniversaries recently - the fortieth year of the cell phone, the twentieth year of the internet and the tenth anniversary of tech tools that have become an integral part of our life, like iTunes and Skype - we’ve taken a look back at the past ten years of technology. Read on to feel old and amazed in equal measures. Flashback to 2003 2003 doesn't feel like that long ago does it? Cast your mind back to what you were doing. Maybe you were gasping over the t.A.T.u. music video on MTV, wondering who these Black Eyed Peas were, queuing at the movies to see the last Lord of the Rings film or asking people if they'd seen the new show "Two and a Half Men". Of course, if you hadn't seen it, you'd just have to wait Blockbuster got the DVD in. Unless someone had taped it

Nokia Asha 306, is it worth purchasing?

Nokia has introduced a wide range of Asha recently with Nokia Asha, 305, 311, etc. here the features and specifications of Nokia 306 are given as there is some differences found in each of Asha’s series. The Asha series is aimed at the purchasers from the developing countries like in Asia such as India; however, Nokia has started its sale in the western world with UK. The purpose is to persuade the people away from the Google Android phone sets. Although the Asha 306 isnt an expensive model of Nokia, but it’s still to be decided that whether the phone’s performance and functionality is justifying the modest amount even. Display screen, the build appearance and design quality The Nokia Asha 306 has a candy shaped body, plastic and shiny (sleek) material and small in size. There is a 3 inch touchscreen as a display size. The display resolution is 240x400 pixels which is quite low. The touch is not as effective as it should be with lacking crispiness and instant receptivity.

Nokia Kinetic future Gadget : With bending and twisting motions

Nokia is coming up with a totally new technology in gadget device development. As we moved from keyboard version mobiles to touch screen mobile, this new technology will be introducing us the twisted and bendable screens for operating mobile devices in near future. According to  engadget  this Nokia's product has very flexible display which can be flexed across both the vertical and horizontal planes with bending and twisting motions controlling the interface.  If you bend the screen towards yourself, it acts as a selection function, or zooms in on any pictures you're viewing. In music mode, you can navigate, play and pause with the tactile interface. It's still a way off from arriving on phones, though Nokia is aiming to whet developers' appetites with this prototype. We may have seen some twisty interfaces already, but nothing packing a four-inch screen and built-in functionality like this. Nokia couldn't confirm the screen technology b

Nokia E2 Concept Slate Phone from Jason Wang

Designer Jason wang has come up with a new Nokia mobile concept design. Its a hybrid phone with Mobile and Slate blended into one amazing gadget. Its a slate phone with 21:9 aspect ration and with symmetry across horizontal axis. It features 4.6 inch diagonal display. Few Specifications: 2 Mega pixel camera Xenon flash 720p video capture support at 30 frames per second. ClearBlack display screen microSD slot SIM Slot Noise cancelling microphone proximity sensor and accelerometer. For more details have a glance at these images. This is just a concept design, need to see if this hits market in near future. Source : t-future

Nokia 500 with 1GHz processor with affordable price tag to hit market

Finally Nokia has planned to release its new fastest smart phone Nokia 500 by end of this year. Nokia claims Nokia 500 is the fastest smart phone with affordable price. Features and specifications: 1GHz processor Symbian Anna operating system 5 mega pixel camera 640x360 pixels 3.2 inch capacitive touch display 2GB Storage 32GB expandable micro SD slot Bluetooth 2.1 Wi-Fi Dimensions : 111.3x53.8x14.1mm Weight 93g Battery: 5-7 hours talktime,450+ hours in standby or up to 35 hours music and playback. Navigation system free for 80 countries India Price / Cost : Rs 9,500 Looking at specifications and features, 1GHz processor in smart phones with affordable price is quite impressing. New version of Symbian OS with refreshed User Interface,  better browser and split screen messaging adds life to this mobile. Nokia is also providing customer the flexibility of changing the colors of their mobile back panels by providing additional two colorful back panels. Fore more information visit Nok

Nokia new Concept phone inspired by Apple and Android

Dimitris Morianos designed new Nokia concept looks to be inspired by Apple and Android smart phones. This concept phone looks like Apple iPhone. Instead iOS, it runs Android OS. Few Specifications: 640x480 pixel resolution front camera 13.5mm width and 15cm height like iPhone Answer button,End call button,Volume buttons and camera keys. AMOLED lighting screen in various colors Chromium plate for Logo 5 MP Rear camera Source of this post If you like this post you may also like Nokia N9 first Mobile with no buttons in front

Nokia N9 first mobile with no buttons in front

Nokia N9 is announced officially on June 21 2011.Nokia has officially unveiled its first smart phone Nokia N9.N9 is the first touch phone with no buttons on the front. In total there are 3 keys. One for camera and the other two for volume.Swipe has made Nokia N9 best features even better and easier to use. Nokia  claims N9 comes with fastest browser for instant access to Internet. N9 provides Maps with free navigation in 90 countriesworld wide and the Driver app, in-car navigation. N9 comes with the fastest camera with 8 Mega pixel carl zeiss lens . For Music and Movie lovers this gadget will exceed their expectation. Nokia N9 comes loaded with top quality adds - with many more available at Ovi store. Overall its a multitasking mobile with high quality features. This looks to be a tough competitor for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. For more information watch this video Current India market price is Rs 32,364 (USD $677)